What is akon net worth ?

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  • akon net worth is $60 million
  • Age: 49
  • born 16 April 1973
  • United States of America is the country of origin.
  • Rapper/singer

akon net worth as of September 2022 is $60 Million. Damala Badara Aliaume American composer, singer, entrepreneur, record producer, and actor Akon Thiam, best known by his stage name “Akon,” is also an actor.Akon established the popular record labels Konvict Muzik and Kon Live Distribution after that. Three nominations for the Grammy Awards were given to his second album, “Konvicted,” in two categories.

Early Years

On April 16, 1973, Akon was born in St. Louis, Missouri. He calls Senegal, an African nation, his “hometown,” where he spent a significant portion of his formative years.Akon has mastered the drums, the guitar, and the djembe, among other instruments.Akon’s family relocated to New Jersey when he was seven years old. He have issues getting along with other kids when he was a teenager.His parents abandoned him and his elder brother in Jersey City when they were in high school.


How much money is Akon worth?Akon’s projected net worth as of September 2022 is $60 Million. When Akon’s debut album “Trouble” was published in 2004, he officially started his music career. The album was a major breakthrough and gave rise to several popular songs, including “Locked Up,” “Bananza,” “Ghetto,” and “Lonely.”He established his own record labels, “Kon Live Distribution” and “Konvict Muzik,” following the significant success of his debut album.He achieved even more popularity because to the several hit tracks from his album “Konvicted.” The album broke several records by earning numerous platinum medals. Stars like Eminem and Snoop Dogg made cameo cameos on “Konvicted,” among other celebrities.Akon has worked with well-known musicians including Gwen Stafani, Whitney Houston, and Lionel Richie. In addition to singing a duet with the late pop icon Michael Jackson on the song “Hold My Hand,” Akon also co-wrote Lady Gaga’s breakthrough hit, “Just Dance.”Akon released his fourth album, “Stadium,” in 2015. Additionally, five distinct genres of the album were published (Euro, Pop, Urban, Island, and World).He participated in the Chinese reality TV programme “I Am a Singer” in 2016 alongside Jeff Chang.Akon founded the Konfidence Foundation, whose major goal is to empower young people in the US and Africa.


The following are a few of Akon’s top career moments:

  • Alone (Song, 2004)
  • Problem (Album, 2004)
  • Rebuke That (Song, 2006)
  • Not important (Song, 2006)
  • Accused (Album, 2006)
  • 2007 Top Artist Billboard Music Award – Won
  • Right away (Song, 2008)
  • Gorgeous (Song, 2008)
  • Liberty (Album, 2008)
  • Illegal (Song, 2011)
  • The stadium (Album, 2015)
  • 2016 BET Global Good Award – Winner

Favorite Akon quotations

  • You must be ready to jump over every hurdle that stands in your way. And in my opinion, that’s what distinguishes legends from average artists. Everything depends on how you handle that accomplishment and the ensuing debate. – Akon
  • “That’s my true remuneration,” the artist said, “the ability to create something that I can actually play on repeat and that is unrelated to anything else or anyone else’s opinions and ideas; I simply adore that element of it.” – Akon
  • “I always believed that if you have enough money to invest in something real, you should invest in anything that is tied to a natural resource because it will always be present. It makes more sense to invest in something that will last rather than something that will break down.” – Akon
  • “You can tell it’s an Akon record when you pick up any of my albums. Because there are so few visitors, you can really appreciate the setting. When you purchase the albums, you have the Akon experience. I constantly want to ensure that continues to be the case. Don’t want to oversaturate the record to the point that you forget why you purchased it. – Akon
  • I always believe that as long as I’m doing what I love, the money will come on its own. When you start thinking about business and “What’s hot? The wave, what is it? Who’s hot? It to the point where you’re trying to plot to make money when you say, “Let’s get at that individual.” It’s always a risk doing that. – Akon
  • “While I’m here, I’m going to milk it for all it’s worth, so when I’m not hot anymore – and I know that day is coming – I’m going to walk over here and appreciate all I’ve made so far. All these doors are just being opened by the music for my relaxation. – Akon

Three Success Tips from Akon

After learning everything there is to know about Akon’s fortune and his path to success, let’s look at some of the things we can all learn from him.

1. The distinction between goals and success

Dreams require effortless sleep, and achievement necessitates a lack of sleep. Never give up on your goals and continue to strive for achievement.

2. Achieving

How you handle adversity and how you act in adversity are two characteristics that define success in life.

3. Have a Plan

You need to be ready for every challenge that comes your way. It all depends on how you handle that accomplishment and how you handle the backlash when it does.

Questions and Answers

What is Akon’s net worth?

It is believed that Akon is worth $60 million.

What is Akon’s age?

Akon, who is 49 years old, was born on April 16, 1973.

What height is Akon?

Akon is 5 feet 11 inches tall, or 1.80 metres.


One of the most well-known musicians in recent memory is Akon. His music has sold millions of copies globally and he has collaborated with some of the top producers.One of the wealthiest R&B musicians as of September 2022, Akon has a net worth of over $60 million.

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