The world’s most expensive Beanie Babies.

Where can you get the world’s most costly Beanie Babies?

It’s time for some beanie babies! Yes, we’re referring to beanie babies. There’s no doubting they were a huge phenomenon in the late 1990s and early 2000s, even if they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea now. Some of the rarest ones are now worth a fortune! Be sure to have a peek at our list of the world’s priciest beanie babies.

A list of the world’s most expensive Beanie Babies

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To build this list of famous beanie babies, we looked to a variety of online resources like Money Inc., Mental, and The Richest. The following are the world’s top 20 most expensive beanie babies:

1. It costs $1,200 to buy Humphrey the Camel

Humphrey the Camel, one of the original nine beanie babies, was created in 1993. Humphrey has gone through several incarnations since his introduction, with some being more popular than others. Generally speaking, the price varies from $500 to $1,200 for the rarest items. In 1998, Humphrey was withdrawn from production, so if you still have one lying around, sell him on eBay for a healthy profit!

2. The Bear’s cost is $3,000

Employee the Bear was given to the company’s sales reps as a symbol of appreciation by Ty, Inc. in 1995. In all, only around 300 bears were made, with about half sporting green ribbons and the other half sporting red. This bear’s vibrant violet colour and magenta stitching give it a one-of-a-kind look.No tush tag is attached to the bear, and all of the bear’s tags are sewn into the garment.

3. $4,000 for Nana the Monkey

Nana the Monkey is our next guest.” Bongo the Monkey” became the new name for this beanie baby, which was produced in 1995, but was shortly retired owing to a name change and re-release. There will be no poetry or “Nana” printed on the tush tag of the original edition, so you’ll know it’s the real kind. So, have a look at this and discover which one you have!

4. Peace the Bear cost $2,500

In 1997, Peace the Bear was released, and it was discontinued three years later. Promoted by the Oakland A’s and the Boston Red Sox, it was given away throughout the game. There are no two tie-dye bears that are precisely the same, and they generally have a peace sign sewn on their chests. But if you can get your hands on one without the peace symbol on the breast, do immediately!

5. Red Bull snort – $6,500

Tabasco, a popular beanie baby, was the subject of a copyright infringement case in 1997. So, in order to escape any repercussions, they changed the name to “Snort the Red Bull” instead. It has the same appearance and value as the original Tabasco version. If you’re lucky, you might be able to discover one of them for sale at a lower price on an online auction site, such as eBay.

6. $ 6,750 for “Gobbles the Turkey”

Gobbles the turkey, like a number of other 1997 beanie babies, is available in a variety of colours. His tail feathers could be connected at various heights, and he came with either a double- or single-layer felt waddle. The value of this beanie depends on how well-preserved it is. It might be worth a lot or nothing. All it takes is a look at which one you’ve got. You’ve got a winner on your hands if you’ve got one with the appropriate tag mistakes and placement!

7. It costs $7,000 to buy Peanut the Elephant

This beanie baby might be worth up to $7,000 if you can get your hands on the correct colour! It was produced in 1995 and is currently regarded as one of the world’s rarest beanie babies. A dark royal blue, a pale powder blue, and shades of purple and grey were used for Peanut. This is a great deal if you can get your hands on the original dark blue version that was accidentally dyed that colour.

8. It costs $7,500 for Halo the Bear

Halo the Bear comes in at number two on our list of most expensive beanie babies.Ty designed Halo as one of the first limited-edition bears. A child’s guardian angel is depicted with gold wings and a halo around its head, symbolising the presence of God.A white star on the fur or a mistake on the tush tags may make you a millionaire if you can find one from 1998.You may expect to pay much more if you can locate one with a Korean “tush tag” and distinctive features like a different nose or eyes.

9. A $10,000 for Mcdonald’s International Bears

In the 1990s, McDonald’s observed how popular the beanies were and wanted to get in on the fun. They started making “Teenie Babies,” a smaller version that would go into all of their happy meals. These bears are worthless today, but the special bears they made are. The Teenie Beanie Babies sold exclusively at McDonald’s include Britannia, Maple, Erin, and Glory, each representing a different country: the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, and the United States, respectively. The good news is that if you happen to have one of these lying around in its original packaging, it’s worth upwards of $10,000.

10. A $10,000  for Patti the Platypus is up for grabs!

One of the original beanie babies, Patti is highly sought after by collectors who don’t already own one. In general, she’s not worth much, but magenta is a particularly rare colour variation, making it worth a lot more. If you can find one in magenta, you’ll be well on your way to making a tidy profit.

11. It costs $15,000  for Iggy the Iguana

There have been many different Iggy designs over the years to begin our list of the ten priciest beanie babies. If you’re looking for a specific trait like a tongue protruding or a rainbow-coloured body, you’ll find a variety of Iggys to choose from. Due to the wide variety of colours, styles, and other characteristics, these have become extremely popular amongst collectors. In the rare event that you come across a tag with missing print, don’t throw it away!

12. $18,000 Brownie the Bear

Brownie the bear is next on the list. You can get a lot of money for this original beanie baby, Brownie! Despite being replaced by “Cubbie,” Brownie has become a sought-after collectable. Its brown fur and tan snout help to identify it, and its tag should be free of poetry. Brownie is considered more valuable than other beanie babies because it was part of the first-ever collection. See if you have an original in your collection!

13. $30,000 for Hippity, Hoppity, and Floppity the Bunnies

They’re aptly named and come in a set unlike many of the other beanies on our list. As a set, they are more difficult to locate, which raises their market value. However, if you had more than one bunny as a child, you’ve already maxed out on this one!

14. The Bear Valentino – $42,300

Valentino the Bear is the next teddy bear on our list. Valentine’s colour and subtle embellishments make him extremely sought after as the most elegant beanie bear ever. In some cases the tags on Valentino bears were misspelt, making those bears even more valuable. If you’re able to locate one, you could get as much as $42,000 for it!

15. Lefty the Donkey and Righty the Elephant – $50,000

In the beanie baby world, Lefty the Donkey and Righty the Elephant are sought-after characters. A unique signature from Hillary Clinton adorns this pair, making it particularly desirable. Hillary signed the beanie babies in 2006 for the daughters of a technician and a devoted father. Accordingly, it comes as no surprise that collectors are willing to pay $50,000 for Mrs Clinton’s signature.

16. Attic in Piccadilly: $125,000

A clown beanie bear is the fifth scariest toy on the list, according to many children. Piccadilly Attic is a no-brainer for any collector if you can get past his creepiness and focus on his other features. The decision by Ty to bring the clown back in the day may have been ill-advised. However, his value has skyrocketed in recent years, which will please some lucky owners.

17. It costs $129,000 for Bubbles

In 1996, Bubbles was released and quickly became a huge hit. After a series of updates and modifications, there were still a few errors in each of them.On the heels of The 30 Richest DJs on the planet when it comes to Bubbles, the third and fourth generations have the wrong colour thread through their mouths, and the fifth generation has the wrong tush tags. Thanks to these manufacturing flaws, bubbles with the 1996 tush tag errors are now extremely valuable.

18. $159,900 for the 15-inch Peace bear and the 3-inch Peace, Ringo, and Bones set

With a price tag of more than $3,000, this 15-inch Peace bear and 9-inch Peace are among the world’s most expensive beanie babies.A large sum of money can be made if you can sell these items together, which is the most obvious option.This pair would look fantastic in a real collector’s collection thanks to their unique psychedelic colours and the peace symbol on both!

19. $2,500,000 Princess the Bear

In honour of the late Princess Dianna, Ty produced Princess the Bear, one of the few beanies on our list to be linked to a tragic historical event. As a fundraiser for the Princesses of Wales Memorial Fund, the bear’s mission was to inspire the beanie community. With a white rose on its chest, it appears to be in purple. So rare that it usually commands a price tag of at least half a million dollars.

20. $600,000 for Large Wallace and his Squad

Large Wallace and his Squad are the most expensive beanie babies in the world. This pair, like the 15-inch and 9-inch piece bears, is a steal at this price. It will set you back $600,000 to acquire a rare “Wallace” and two smaller “Wallaces,” Cashew and Huggy. Nothing about their rarity makes them more valuable than the fact that they are the only ones in existence. Is there any $600,000 left in your wallet? If so, I’ve got the perfect collector’s item just in time for the holidays!


We hope you found our list of the world’s most expensive beanie babies interesting. Who would have predicted that a decade later, these tiny stuffed animals would be worth so much money? It’s even more astounding that these items are actually being sold at these prices! What a bizarre situation! The most valuable sneakers, comic books, and more can all be found on this site if you like to see how much different collectables are worth these days.

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