List Of 10 Most Expensive Phone in the World

If you think your phone’s pricey, then think again! New iPhones may cost in excess of $1,000, which is a lot of money for most individuals. But not for the owners of the phones on this list. There are genuine mobile phones, usually iPhones, that are valued and have sold for over $1 million dollars! So, BRACE YOURSELF, as this list of the 10 most expensive phone in the world will blow your mind!

The 10 Most Expensive Phones in the World

The list of phones and data listed below have been gathered from many sites around the web; such as Luxhabitat, Value Walk & Marketing91. These are the 10 most expensive phones in the world:

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1)     Virtue Signature Cobra  :  $310,000

The first most costly phone on our list is the Virtue Signature Cobra. Virtue has a history of manufacturing some of the greatest luxury phones in the world, and their Signature Cobra version is no exception. The Signature Cobra is part of an eight-phone limited edition, each phone costing $310,000.It was designed by French jewellery manufacturer Boucheron Vertu and constructed by hand in the United Kingdom. As well to the phone itself being gold plated, the most prominent and ornamental component, the Cobra, which wraps itself around the handset; is made of pure gold and includes four-hundred and thirty-nine rubies and two emeralds. Even if you’re a well-connected person, getting your hands on one of the eight known to exist may be a bit of a challenge.

2)    Revolutionary Goldvish : $488,150.

This stunning $488,150 phone from the well-known Swedish company Goldvish is next on the list. There are only 32 Revolutions in existence and it is the most costly phone ever made. Because the phone’s design is so unusual, it adds a significant amount of exclusivity. A sapphire glass display case is included as well as white and pink gold and beautiful leather. Fredric Jouvenot’s removable analogue timepiece is also included in the phone. Why not spoil yourself if you’ve got half a million dollars to spare?

3)    The Gresso Luxor in Las Vegas: $1 million

The Las Vegas Jackpot by Gresso, a well-known accessories designer, comes in at number eight. One of the most expensive phones in the world can be yours for the princely sum of $1 million. One of just three models in a limited-edition run; each phone has a unique serial number inscribed on the back. The phone is comprised of a whopping 118 grammes of gold and 45.5 carats of black diamonds. The rear panel of this phone is crafted from a two-hundred-year-old African tree’s rare hardwood. Every key on the phone has been adorned with hand-polished, 32-carat gem sapphires, which have been meticulously polished.

4)    Goldvish Le Million: 1 M$

Next up is Goldvish’s Le Million, a high-end smartphone that costs more than $1 million. Le Million was the world’s most exclusive and costly phone when it was first released, earning it a spot in the Guinness Book of Records. Jewellery and watch designer Emmanuel Gueit created the phone’s design. In addition to the 120 carats of VVS-1 diamonds set in 18-karat white gold, the display case is encased in a transparent Saphire Glass. With just three phones being made, it’s going to be hard to get your hands on one of these.

5)    Diamond Crypto Smartphone: $1.3 million

One of the world’s most costly smartphones was originally the Diamond Crypto Smartphone.JSC Ancort built the phone, which was developed by Alisson. With a solid platinum body with a rose gold logo and home button, this mobile phone is both luxurious and functional at the same time addition, the phone is encrusted with fifty diamonds, including ten extremely rare blue cloured stones. There is a tiny bit of Macassar Ebony wood included on the sides of the phone. As an added bonus, the phone’s software has been enhanced with a proprietary encryption method to safeguard the privacy of its owner’s important data.

6)    iPhone 3G Kings Button:$2.5 million

With a price tag of $2.5 million, the iPhone 3G Kings Button is the world’s priciest phone in fifth place. Austrian designer Peter Alisson created the phone, which is built entirely of 18-karat yellow, white, and rose gold. One hundred and thirty-eight diamonds embellish the white gold strip that encircles the phone’s whole perimeter. To put it simply, the iPhone’s 6.6-carat diamond home button is the iPhone’s most notable and ostentatious design element. I don’t know what luxury is, but pushing a 6.6-carat diamond to move your applications around sure does! A lot of people believe it to be one of the most gorgeous phones on the market.

7)    This iPhone 3GS Supreme: $3.2 million.

The Goldstriker 3GS Supreme has many of the same characteristics as the 3G Kings Button, but it has more carats. Stuart Hughes’ latest innovation, the gold-plated phone, weighs in at 271 grammes and has a purity of 22 Karat. One hundred and thirty-six diamonds adorn the iPhone’s bezel, while fifty-three diamonds adorn the Apple emblem on the phone’s back. The Goldstriker, like the King’s Button, features a single-cut diamond as its home button, but this one is a massive 7.1 carat. Even if the phone itself isn’t able to do it for you, its package and presentation may! An iPhone 3GS Supreme with a Goldstriker finish is packaged in an all-grain leather and Kashmir gold-leaf granite box as a bonus. That’s some kind of presentation, right there!?

8)    iPhone 4 by Stuart Hughes: $8 million

The third iPhone design partnership from Stuart Hughes comes in at number three. According to Apple, the iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition is the world’s third most costly phone. Only two phones have been produced so far, and they were each individually customised for their respective owners in order to maintain their exclusivity. A total of 53 diamonds adorn the Apple logo, which is set in pure rose gold and studded with a total of 500 100-carat diamonds. The home button on this phone, like the ones before it, is a 7.4-carat pink diamond. The Goldstriker Supreme and Kings Button both come in solid granite presentation boxes, so if appearance is important to you, $8 million will get you one, too.

9)     Stuart Hughes’s iPhone 4s Elite Gold: $9.4 million

Stuart Hughes’ newest iPhone, which is said to be worth $9.4 million, will continue his supremacy in the luxury phone industry by manufacturing yet another one of the world’s most costly phones. Having the second most expensive smartphone in the world comes with a lot of pressure. The Elite Gold iPhone 4 does not disappoint in this regard. The phone’s back panel and logo are constructed of 24-karat gold, and it is covered with a hundred-and-one-carat diamond coating. The logo has 53 diamonds, while the home button is crafted from a single-cut 8.6-carat diamond. A backup 7.6-carat single-cut diamond is included in your $9.4 million dollar investment if you lose or forget the 8.6-carat single-cut diamond. Finally, the phone comes in a somewhat large package. In reality, it’s more like a chest of drawers. There are authentic polished chunks of T-Rex dinosaur bone embedded in the platinum. Opals, Star Sunstone, Rutile Quartz, Charoite, and Pietersite are some of the rare and costly gemstones that are used to finish the piece.

10)  The Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond: $48.5 million.

The Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond Edition, which retails for an astounding $48.5 million, is the most expensive phone in the world. When the Falcon Supernova debuted in 2004, it was a customised version of the iPhone 6 that was encased in 24k gold and had a big pink diamond on the back. It’s also covered with platinum and has hack-detection technology to keep the owner’s private information protected. Indian cricket team owner, and Asia’s wealthiest man’s wife Nita Ambani, is the proud owner of the Pink Diamond Falcon Supernova. Even if it isn’t the best attractive phone on the list, it does receive credit for being the most expensive phone in the world!



Thanks for checking out the top ten most expensive smartphones in the world. The question is, can you afford one of them in the near future? Despite the fact that there is a demand for this sort of product, it still surprises us. As long as you don’t want to be like everyone else, why not spend a little extra money to stand out from the crowd?

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