What is Gucci Mane Net Worth?

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  • Gucci Mane net worth :$14 million
  • Age: 42
  • the 12th of February 1980
  • Gender: Male
  • 1.89 m in height (6 ft 2 in)
  • United States of America is the country of origin.
  • Rapper with a career 


Gucci Mane net worth was about $14 million as of August 2022.American rapper Gucci Mane is also a businessman and the creator of 1017 Records. Along with T.I. and Young Jeezy, he significantly contributed to the mainstreaming of trap music.

Early Years

Radric Delantic Davis, better known as Gucci Mane, was born on February 12th, 1980 in Bessemer, Alabama. His mother worked as a social worker and teacher, and his father was a former American serviceman and power plant employee.Gucci’s maternal grandpa, Walter Lee Davis, served in the Pacific Theater of Operations during World War II, while his paternal grandfather, James Dudley, Sr., served in the military for twelve years.The father of Mane was in the military as well and spent two years in Korea.


Gucci was a drug dealer before starting his career as a rapper. He was detained in 2001 for cocaine possession. He started to take music more seriously and started looking to make a profession out of it after being let out of the county jail.La Flare Entertainment was founded when Gucci decided to start his own musical company after releasing his debut mixtape under his own name, “La Flare.”Gucci’s debut studio album, “Trap House,” was published in 2005 and quickly rose to the top of the Billboard Top 20 R&B/Hip-Hop Albums, giving him his first taste of success.Gucci went on to establish his Delantic clothing line, write an autobiography, and have a brief acting career in addition to continuing to make studio recordings.Gucci has collaborated with numerous other well-known musicians throughout the years, including Drake, Mariah Carey, Lil Wayne, and Rae Sremmurd. Throughout his career, Gucci has put out 12 studio albums and a significant amount of mixtapes, which is an amazing accomplishment.Gucci Mane’s net worth is projected to be $14 million as of August 2022.


Here are some of Gucci Mane’s most notable career high points:

  • The Trap House (2005)
  • The Hard to Kill (2006)
  • The Trapathon (2007)
  • Returning to the traphouse (2007)
  • There was a murder (2009)
  • Radric Davis, The State v. (2009)
  • Georgia’s Most Wanted: The Appeal (2010)
  • Zone 6’s Comeback (2011)
  • Everyone watching (2016)
  • Santa’s Return to East Atlanta (2016)
  • Mister Davis (2017)
  • The Human Glacier, El Gato (2017)

Favorite Gucci Mane quotations

  • “I’m happy and proud of what I accomplished, despite the setbacks and injuries I sustained. You stumble, you get back up, you dust yourself off, and you carry on. That’s what we’re doing as well. Gucci Mane.
  • Sometimes, in order to deal with the anguish of living in the “hood,” you almost have to chuckle. Gucci Mane.
  • “Often, when you’re honest with someone, you can’t count on them to be honest with you back.” Gucci Mane.
  • “I had considered acting, but I never really had a good enough chance or a character that made sense and perhaps mirrored my life. I feel like one of the leading men for the villain in a movie. I consider myself to be a good enough person to play the evil guy in a movie. I’m able to say that. Gucci Mane.
  • “I don’t enjoy music by anyone who makes me feel like a sucka. You won’t get my attention. If I knew your character, how could I listen to your music if they were playing you at the club and you had the #1 jam? Gucci Mane.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gucci Mane’s net worth?

Gucci Mane is thought to be worth $14 million.

What is Gucci Mane’s age?

Gucci Mane, who became 42 years old on February 12, 1980, was born.

What is Gucci Mane’s height?

Gucci Mane is 6 feet 2 inches tall, or 1.89 metres.


One of the first producers of trap music, Gucci has contributed to the genre’s popularity among a larger audience. Gucci Mane’s net worth is projected to be $14 Million as of August 2022.

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