The 20 highest paying jobs in the world

Are you curious about the highest-paying jobs in the world and what they pay on average? This post is for you whether you want to make more money or if you are just starting out in the workforce. Our list of the highest-paying careers/jobs in the world will help you figure out which ones pay the most. Many of these occupations don’t have a reputation for great pay, so you may be surprised by some of these figures.The following list of professions and statistics was culled from a variety of online resources, including Business Insider and Career Addict. The following are the world’s top 20 highest-paying professions:


1.       Lawyers make an average of $141,890 each year.

Lawyers come in the first place as the highest-paying profession in the world, which should come as no surprise to anyone. Paying well in this field takes years of schooling, passing several exams, and of course, passing the bar test!A large part of your job entails counselling customers on legal matters, such as transactions or strategy, and representing them in court. Long hours and overtime are a common part of a job in this industry, but the benefits may be substantial, including a good salary, stock options and bonuses.


2.      Marketing Manager  Average Salary: $145,620

Next up, we have Marketing Managers. These folks are responsible for creating, implementing and delivering firms marketing policies and plans. This can come in many kinds and sizes, but usually, they’ll be focused more on the strategy side of things, instead of implementation. As well as a decent yearly salary and benefits package, effective marketing managers can also get commissions and incentives depending on sales objectives or revenue. However, $145,620 is an average, so based on experience and prior performance, this amount might fluctuate greatly until you establish your value.


3.       Podiatrist  Average Salary: $148,470

Now, if you have a thing for feet, or you’re simply inquisitive about them, then being a Podiatrist may be something to check into. Podiatrists specialise in detecting and treating foot-related disorders, deformities and illnesses. Things like bunions, ingrown toenails and fractures will be frequent in your day-to-day employment.

If you’re interested about being a Podiatrist, then you’ll need to earn a bachelors degree first and then go to podiatry school for roughly 4 years.After that, you can seek a job in a practise or establish your own.You’ll undoubtedly be able to earn more money with your own practice, however, $148,470 a year is pretty darn excellent working for someone else.


4.       Petroleum Engineer Average Salary: $154,780

If you’re interested in natural gases and oil, then becoming a Petroleum Engineer could be just up your street.These folks specialised in coming up with strategies to boost oil and gas extraction and production.Usually, this is done by inventing new technologies that can extract these natural resources in a safe and environmentally-friendly method.A thorough grasp of maths and physics would be highly advantageous for a future in engineering and depending on where you live, some governments would even pay for your education if you want to pursue a career in this form of engineering.


5.       IT Manager Average Salary: $142,530

Responsible for preserving and defending a firms IT infrastructure and networks, from things like viruses and hackers, IT managers generally have a broad grasp of computing as well as a particular specialisation.In their day to day tasks, they’ll also monitor any software or hardware updates, as well as handle any technological concerns.IT Managers are compensated handsomely since they’re much in demand at the time of writing this article.Technology evolves so rapidly and upgrades are regular, that firms require highly qualified personnel to handle these processes and make sure everything goes to plan with a hitch.Generally speaking, earning a bachelors degree in computer science is anticipated from you if you’re wanting to apply for this profession.However, experience tends to count a lot more, so you may 100 percent become an IT manager without a degree, as long as you know what you’re doing and can show it.


6.       Airline Pilot & Co-Pilot   Average Salary: $161,280

If you have a phobia of flying then definitely don’t consider pursuing a career as a Pilot.However, if you enjoy flying or just think it’s really interesting, then being an airline pilot may be a fantastic fit for you.It’s one of the best paying occupations in the world and comes with a lot of privileges.Having said that, to make the large dollars and acquire all the privileges, you’ll have to go through intensive training and physical examinations, as well a continuously keeping up with new tests and checks.But, if you can pull all that off, you’ll be sitting good with an average pay of $161,280 plus the privilege to proclaim yourself an Airline Pilot anytime anyone asks!Pretty awesome, right?!


7.      Nurse Anesthesiologist  Average Salary: $169,450

In fifteenth position, making an average of $169,450 a year, we have Nurse Anesthesiologists.These experts have a vital role in the safety and conditions of patients in hospitals.They are responsible for giving anaesthetic, managing patients recuperation and checking patients vitals.In order to become an Anesthesiologist, you’ll need to first train as a registered nurse and then get a masters degree from an authorised nurse anaesthesia curriculum.If you appreciate helping people, and what that responsibility, then this might be a fantastic alternative for you.

8.      Dentist  Average Salary: $174,110

We’ve all been to the dentist at some time in our lives, right?And you know that a decent one doesn’t come cheap, especially if you get caught off guard and have an unexpected operation.Well, all those surprises and frequent check-ups may add up to some fairly excellent earnings for most dental clinics.But, to reach that level, you’ll have to study for several years, pass a lot of tests and truly develop your art and reputation.Dentists are responsible for evaluating, diagnosing and addressing any concerns connected to your teeth and gums.The nice news is, everyone has teeth, so as long as you’re certified and good, you’ll always have clients.


9.       Pediatrician  Average Salary: $183,240

If you have a deep interest in children and can envision yourself taking after kids on a regular basis, then look no further, being a Pediatrician might be your calling.Your major responsibility will be to detect, prevent and treat illnesses and injuries in children. You’ll also be searching for any other physical, emotional or social health concerns, making sure that they’re as comfortable as possible.Making $183,240 a year helping children to get healthier seems like a wonderful bargain to me!


10.  Prosthodontist  Average Salary: $196,960

Slightly different to a dentist, Prosthodontists are responsible for developing oral prostheses to replace lost teeth or any other oral malformations. They are commonly referred to as “Dental Plastic Surgeons”, as they conduct a lot of cosmetic treatments. If this seems like an interesting career option for you, then you’re going to need to obtain either a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or a Doctor of Medicine (DMD) to qualify yourself to practise.You’ll also need a bachelor’s degree of some type to qualify for dentistry school. Once you’ve obtained your credentials and built up some experience, you might be looking at obtaining an average income of $196,960.


11.  Internist  Average Salary: $198,370

Sometimes in life, it can be tough to discern what’s causing discomfort in our body, especially if it’s not immediately visible on the surface. Internists are physicians that give a diagnostic and non-surgical treatment method for internal injuries or disorders. They do not do any procedures at all and focus on acute ailments like diabetes and high blood pressure and Alzheimer’s. Many Internists opt to specialise in one single internal organ system, such as the digestive system and devote 100 per cent of their work to it.


12.   CEO  Average Salary: $200140

To get engaged as a Chief Operating Officer (CEO) by a corporation, you’ll need to have obtained a lot of expertise in the managerial side of operating a business and leadership skills. You’re accountable for leading and guiding the organisation toward reaching its targeted goals, as well as creating strategies and complying to corporate and government policies, laws and regulations. It frequently takes several years of relevant job experience and a demonstrated track record of accomplishment before an individual can be regarded as ready to become a CEO.


13.   General Practitioner (GP)  Average Salary: $208,560

The initial point of contact for anyone suffering from any form of discomfort or disease is generally a general practitioner (GP) (GP). Your GP will advise, diagnose and treat all health-related concerns you have, or recommend for you consult a particular expert based on your symptoms. To become a general practitioner, you’ll need to go through around seven to 10 years of training and study. It’s absolutely worth it if you’d like to help others and be the first point of call for someone when they become unwell.


14.   Psychiatrist  Average Salary: $216,090

The second highest-paying career in the world is that of a Psychiatrist. Psychiatrists diagnose and treat illnesses of the mind. They’re compensated to listen to patients’ troubles and uncover the main cause of their problems. It’s certainly a lot more comprehensive and methodical than that, but it is the long and short of it.If this sounds of interest to you, then you’ll need to complete your medical studies and then specialise in Psychiatry. But as you can see, it may be well worth your time and work as the average wage is roughly $216,090.


15.   Orthodontist  Average Salary: $228,500

Number six is the third occupation in the dentistry sector on our list, and the highest compensation of them all. Orthodontists are responsible for inspecting, diagnosing and repairing any dental problems linked to the position of the jaw and teeth. They realign the structure of the teeth, repair crooked grins, and change bite positions using braces and retainers. To earn Orthodontist certification, you’ll need to first complete a dentistry degree and then register and complete a postgraduate Orthodontist programme. As we’ve seen with other professions in dentistry, the payoff is definitely worth your effort if you can qualify.


16.  Gynecologist  Average Salary: $235,240

In the fifth position, we have a physician who specialities in medical care linked to pregnancy and labour, as well as diagnosing, treating and preventing disorders of women. Gynecologists help maintains the woman’s reproductive systems and their jobs might vary drastically from one day to the next. For example, one day they could have to deliver a baby and the next they could be doing laser surgery to eliminate HPV cells, or merely carrying out monthly inspections.


17.  Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon  Average Salary: $243,500

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons are distinct from typical dentists since they undertake surgical operations on the face, mouth and jaw, that largely focus on hard and soft tissues. In order to have a career in this sector, you’ll need to study for an extra four years after obtaining a dental degree.But, with an average income of close to $250,000, those extra four years might be well worth your time. Also, it’s a profession that also allows you to assist other people whilst being financially compensated, which can’t be claimed for all the career options on our list.


18.   Surgeon  Average Salary: $251,000

Surgeons are one of the highest-paid jobs in the world to pursue. It’s also quite easy to justify their average yearly wage, as they’re truly saving lives and enhancing people’s general well-being. Becoming a surgeon, depending on the speciality you select, needs many years of further study after becoming a trained doctor.You’ll need to choose an area of interest to specialise in and then undertake the requisite work to be allowed to practise as a professional surgeon. The more experience you have and the rarer your specific field of knowledge is, the more money you’re able to make. You’ll see proof of this from position one on the list.


19.  Anesthesiologist   Average Salary: $265,000

Anesthesiologists are physicians that are responsible for delivering anaesthetics prior to, during or after surgery. They also have a variety of additional tasks include, including dealing with emergency circumstances, offering guidance on pain management and carrying out evaluations in critical care units. If being an Anesthesiologist seems like something you’d like to undertake as a profession, then, after becoming a doctor, you’ll need to finish an additional 4-year anesthesiology residency programme.It’s probable that you’ll also need to sit a subsequent test from the American Board of Anesthesiology (ABA) (ABA). Once all of the following is said and done, you may aim to make somewhere in the region of $265,000 a year, with experience.


20.   Neurosurgeon  Average Salary: $381,500

The highest-paying career in the world is a Neurosurgeon. This is a highly trained surgeon that has decided to specialise in, diagnose and surgically treat problems of the central and peripheral nervous system. Neurosurgery is one of the most demanding medical specialities and involves a considerable amount of training and education.For example, in order to make the big bucks, you’ll need to finish the regular eight years of doctorate school, a one-year internship in general surgery, and around five to seven years in a neurosurgery programme. Then, if you want to go one step further, you can complete a fellowship to specialise in one particular subject. On top of all that, you’ll need to find the time to remain up to speed with all the newest breakthroughs in neuroscience and attend monthly meetings, seminars and conferences.



We hope you liked our list of the 20 highest-paid occupations in the globe. As you can see, some jobs are quite well paid and some are even more lucrative than others. However, to reach that level of money, a lot of work, sweat and tears will need to be spent, so bear that in mind if you’re planning to follow one of these high-paying occupations.


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