Famous inner peace buddha quotes !

Below are some of inner peace buddha quotes!

  • “Concentrate the attention on the current instant; do not dwell on the past; do not dream about the future.” “The mind is everything,”
  • You become what you think. “We are fashioned by our ideas; we become what we think,”
  • Joy accompanies a clean mind like a shadow that never disappears. No one can help us except for ourselves. —
  • Nobody is able to and cannot. We have to follow the route ourselves. There are only two faults one can make on the path to truth: failing to start and failing to finish. —
  • Nothing is more disobedient than an untrained mind, and nothing is more obedient than a trained mind,
  • The only genuine failure in life, , is failing to be faithful to what one knows to be true.
  • “Until you are the way itself, you cannot follow the path.” “Peace comes from inside,” said
  • Don’t look elsewhere for it. The
  • “Lighting a lamp for someone else will also shine a light on your road.” The
  • “Walk alone if you can’t find somebody to help you along the spiritual road. With the young, there is no company. “In separateness lies the world’s greatest pain; in compassion lies the world’s ultimate power,”
  • “There is no way to pleasure: happiness is the path,”
  • The  You will be punished by your anger rather than punished for it. –
  • The “Having no fear is the key to life itself,” “
  • Pain is certain, suffering is voluntary,” on page
  • The “A single candle may light thousands of candles while maintaining the candle’s lifespan. Sharing happiness never makes it lessen. –
  • The “The mind gives origin to all wrongdoing.
  • If the mind is altered, can wrongdoing still exist? “To overcome oneself is a greater effort than to conquer others,”
  • “Your task is to discover your work and then to dedicate yourself to it with all your heart,”
  • Even death is not to be dreaded by one who has lived well,
  • “People with views only go around annoying one another,” in
  • One moment may alter a day, one day can change a life, and one life can transform the world,
  • “Whatever words we speak should be selected with care since people will hear them and be impacted by them for good or bad,”
  • “Hatred does not stop via hatred at any moment,”
  • With love, hatred ends. This legislation cannot be changed.
  • “We experience a new birth every morning. The most important thing is what we do today. ,
  • “Everything is in connection to everything else; nothing ever lives fully alone.
  • “A man is drawn to wicked methods by his own thinking, not by an opponent or foe.” The
  • “Your own unprotected ideas may damage you more than anything else.” The
  • “Vitality arises through good acts, and knowledge appears from a pure and quiet mind, just as treasures are discovered from the ground. One needs the light of wisdom and the direction of morality to navigate the maze of human existence securely.
  • “There is no company among idiots. Let a guy go alone rather than having to live with selfish, conceited, argumentative, and obstinate persons.
  • “What good will it do you, however many holy words you read, however many you recite, if you do not act on them?”
  • “Traveling well is preferable to arriving.”
  • You get burnt if you try to toss a hot coal at someone else while still holding onto your wrath.
  • “Joy emerges in a person free from remorse by the nature of things.”
  • Even if you only have a little, give.
  • If you come across a smart critic who can bring out your flaws, you should treat him like a map to a secret treasure.
  • “Let a seeker persistently follow a solo route if he or she cannot find a friend who is better or equal.”
  • Do not put off practising meditation lest you come to regret it.
  • “One who hurts living things cannot be said to as noble. One is referred to as noble if they do not hurt living things.
  • “A focused mind leads to happiness.”
  • “The one in whom the hunger and thirst that cause becoming to continue no longer exist; how could you follow that Awakened one, trackless and of boundless range?” The


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