The 15 Most Expensive Happy Meal Toys (mcdonalds toys worth money)

The following list of Happy Meal toys and figurines was constructed using data from a variety of online resources, including the Mirror & Wikipedia.The top 15 most costly Happy Meal toys (mcdonalds toys worth money) are as follows:

15. Hot Wheels (1983)

Estimated Value: $40

In order to compete with Matchbox, American toymaker Mattel invented Hot Wheels in 1968.In 1983, McDonald’s decided to join the trend and included a set of 14 Hot Wheels vehicles in its Happy Meals, making the brand of die-cast automobiles one of the most well-known toys of all time.Several decades later, the 14 toy vehicles are now individually worth about $40.

14. Clone Wars Happy Meal Box (2008)

Estimated Value: $50

To capitalise on the success of the Star Wars: Clone Wars television series, which ran in 2008 and 2009, McDonald’s introduced a Happy Meal with a Star Wars theme in 2008.Given that they are now regarded as highly sought-after collectable items, if you happen to have one of the cardboard boxes the meal was packaged in, you may be looking at a lovely $50 in your back pocket.

13. Transforming Food (1987 & 1989)

Estimated Value: $70

Between 1987 and 1989, McDonald’s created a line of Transforming toys for their Happy Meals known as “Changeables.”The toys may change into burgers, chips, beverages, and ice cream, among other menu items from the business.Currently, the value of some of the Changeables is assessed at $70 per item.

 12. Potato Head Kids (1987)

Estimated Value: $100

In 1987, McDonald’s debuted a series of small Mr. Potato Head dolls with its Happy Meals.The toys were extremely well-liked by their intended audience.And as of right now, you may anticipate getting roughly $100 for a complete set of Potato Head Kids.

11. Jerry the Minion (2013)

Estimated Value: $120

In 2013, to coincide with the release of Despicable Me II, Jerry the Minion was added to McDonald’s Happy Meals.It comes as no surprise given how well-liked the film series is that these tiny plastic figures are now worth quite a bit.It’s possible that an unopened Jerry the Minion figure you have might be worth up to $120.

10. Furby (2000)

Estimated Value: $120

Children in the United States were enthralled by these little plush animals during the 1990s.After spotting the trend, McDonald’s introduced a variety of them in their Happy Meals.On auction websites like eBay, a clippable Furby from the Happy Meal line may fetch up to $120 in today’s market.However, if you have a complete set, you may have to pay far more.

9. Snoopy (2000)

Estimated Value: $180

In the early 2000s, McDonald’s released a line of Snoopy toys to go with its Happy Meals in honour of their 50th anniversary.Due to the extraordinary collectibility of the toys, buyers are willing to pay up to $180 for a full set from collectors all over the world.

8. 101 Dalmatians (1996)

Estimated Value: $220

To coincide with the debut of the film, McDonald’s offered a line of 101 Dalmations figurines with Happy Meals in 1996.People were waiting up outside McDonald’s restaurants to attempt to get their hands on a whole set of Dalmatians after the toys became so popular.A whole set is currently valued at about $220. But even one or two solitary figures are worth a few pounds on their own.

7. Mario (1994 & 1998)

Estimated Value: $250

Given his status as one of the most well-known video game characters of all time, Mario received a series of toys from McDonald’s that were included in Happy Meals.In 1994 and 1998, McDonald’s introduced eight distinct Mario figures in its Happy Meals in an effort to cash in on the Mario tale.You’ll be able to get the greatest value for your money today if you have a whole set, since deals have been known to run up to $250!

 6. Fraggle Rock (1992)

Estimated Value: $300

A set of related Muppet characters were the subject of the 1983 children’s puppet television programme Fraggle Rock.As a result of the show’s apparent kid appeal, McDonald’s created a variety of Happy Meal toys to capitalise on the Fraggle Rock craze.These days, it’s nearly hard to find these toys because they’re so uncommon.So, if you do discover a set of four, you may anticipate getting roughly $300 for them.

 5. Inspector Gadget (1995)

Estimated Value: $350

Who doesn’t like Inspector Gadget?! Almost everyone like Inspector Gadget.Because the original animated series was so well-liked, McDonald’s decided to manufacture its own Inspector Gadget Happy Meal toy in 1995 to tie in with the Inspector Gadget motion picture.You would expect to spend roughly $350 for one because the toys are now hard to obtain.

 4. Power Rangers (1994)

Estimated Value: $350

The current market value of the entire collection of “Mighty Morphin” Power Rangers is about $350.Given how popular The Power Rangers were and how many children liked them, McDonald’s couldn’t resist the chance to capitalise on the excitement.At the height of the Power Rangers craze, in.

3. Robots by Diener Keshi (1979)

Estimated Value: $400

Although the purpose of these Happy Meal toys, which were first released in 1979, is still a mystery, they are now quite expensive.Each of these Happy Meal Robots is worth about $400 due to its age and obscurity.Therefore, look through some of your old boxes to see if you can find any.

2. Underwater Monsters (1979)

Estimated Value: $400

These Happy Meal toys, which are also presently valued at $400, are part of the same series as Diener Keshi’s Robots.The only thing that is known for certain about these little plastic figures, much like the Robots, is that they are supposed to represent some sort of underwater aliens.

1. TY’s Teenie Beanie Boos (2000)

Estimated Value: $450

TY’s Teenie Beanie Boos are the priciest Happy Meal toys.On June 13, 2000, the toys, which resemble their Beanie Baby relatives, were included to McDonald’s Happy Meals.They have been more and more in demand among collectors throughout time.Although they don’t have much value individually, if you happen to have a full collection of Beanie Boos in pristine condition, you might be able to sell them for a whooping $450!


We really hope you liked reading about the 15 priciest Happy Meal toys.You probably never imagined that a toy you received for free might today be worth several hundred dollars.It notion has apparently been disproven, as that is precisely what happened to several of the McDonald’s Happy Meal toys throughout the years.

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