The 19 most expensive lego set

The following list of most expensive lego set and figurines was assembled from several online resources, including The Gamer and The Daily Dot.The top 20 Lego sets in the world by price are as follows:

1)      A Darth Maul Lego head

Cost : $1,255

This incredible Darth Maul head bust is first on the list.I advise you to watch Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace if you are unfamiliar with who he is.Over 1800 separate pieces make up this enormous Lego set, which takes a lot of work to finish.If you have the time, perseverance, and motivation to assemble a set like this, you may gain a lot of respect from your fellow Lego enthusiasts.

2)      Runner Rebel Blockade

Cost: $1,330

The Rebel Blockade Runner Lego kit is one of the largest ones on our list.It is from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, is over 1700 pieces large, to put it mildly, and is rather enormous.If you’re a lover of Star Wars as well, you should give it considerable consideration for your collection. You’ll win significant points!

3)      Rebel Snowspeeder

Cost: $1,421

Another Lego set from a Star Wars movie, this one from The Empire Strikes Back.For no apparent reason, this Rebel Snowspeeder appears to be a touch more well-liked than the other two.The Snowspeeder would be another awesome set to add to your collection, except from the fact that it could be a little bit simpler to put together because it has fewer pieces—1,457 to be exact.

4)      Eiffel Tower

Cost: $1,455

The 2007 debut of the Lego Eiffel Tower stands out from the Star Wars bonanza.The highest Lego set available, with 3428 pieces, should only be attempted if you have the perseverance and commitment to see it through.From the original drawings of the real skyscraper, it was constructed at a scale of 1:300.

5)      LEGO 10030 – Star Destroyer

Cost: $1,600

The Imperial Star Destroyer, by far the coolest Star Wars set on the planet, is next on the list of the most expensive Lego kits ever made.If you’re a fan of Star Wars, you’ll know what this is and why it’s awesome that it can be constructed out of Lego.It’s little over 3,000 pieces long and around 3 metres wide.Make sure you have the space before you start building it if you decide to add this to your collection.

6)      Star Wars V.I.P. Gala Set,  (Vader)

Cost: $1,672

In keeping with the Star Wars theme, we have the V.I.P. Gala Set, which was made available at the 2005 Lego Toy Fair to celebrate Revenge of the Sith and features Darth Vadar.Being one of the rarest Lego sets in the world, it’s impossible to figure out its exact value.However, because it is so uncommon, its present asking price is sort of justified because most uncommon or unique products are pricey, am I right?But since it’s so awesome, sometimes it’s worth it to bite the bullet and shell out the cash!

7)       Special Batman Announcement Set

Cost: $1,720

Batman is fantastic on his own, but having a limited edition Batman Lego set is much cooler!They were rather simple to obtain at the Sandiego Comic-Con in 2005, but many attendees chose to trade, exchange, or sell them instead of keeping them.If you were wise or simply lucky enough to get one when they were initially launched, you would currently have a tidy $1,720 in your possession.

8)      Death Star

Cost: $1,972

It’s hardly surprising that the Death Star II is one of the most costly lego sets in the world given its magnificent moniker and legendary status.You’ll need to precisely align all 3,000 parts in their designated locations and have enough space to walk about while assembling this item.When everything is said and done, seeing this spectacular Lego set in all its grandeur will surely be worth your time and effort!

9)      Statue of Liberty,

Cost: $2,132

Next, we have a Lego set that depicts The Statue of Liberty, one of the world’s most recognisable sculptures.For slightly over $2,000, you may purchase 3,000 parts and have the delight of seeing the final item.However, you might want to wait a bit before purchasing this one if you have to decide between it and your next car or a really great lego kit. or simply purchase it and go!

10)  Cafe Corner

Cost: $1,714

The Cafe Corner Lego kit has little over 2,056 pieces and includes three distinct tales, a bicycle, and a mosaic.Even if it’s not the most intriguing set, it’s still fairly great to look at and would be cool in a collection.It could be wiser to use that $1,714 toward one of the next, more pricey Lego sets if you’re wanting to purchase a set.Yoda sporting a “I Heart NY” shirt (New York Toy Fair 2013)Cost: $2,275This amusing kit enters our list of the 10 most expensive Lego sets ever.This collection, which was introduced in 2013 at the New York Toy Fair, includes Yoda sporting a “I adore NY” t-shirt along with some extremely interesting street art and street signs.In terms of actual items obtained, you don’t really get a lot for your money, however, you’re paying for the distinctiveness of the piece plus a little of flair!

11)  Grand Carousel

Cost: $2,300

This no-nonsense collection is ranked ninth on our list.There are 3,000 pieces in the carousel, which includes a remote control. Additionally, it is completely operational, so you may use it and play with it.When everything is said and done, it is a really large set, but unlike some of the earlier entries on our list, you can kind of see it being somewhat manageable to build, isn’t that right?

12)   LECA Vehicles (LEGO Inside Tour Exclusive 2005 Edition)

Cost: $2,350

The LECA Automobile could be for you if you enjoy building automobiles or are searching for something a bit different to construct next.It’s not the trendiest or prettiest-looking Lego kit, but it is unique and uncommon.Therefore, if you’re like vehicles and have $2,350 to spend on a lego kit, you might want to consider this one or one of the top 5 most expensive lego sets in the world.

13)  The Legoland Train,(LEGO Inside Tour 2014)

Cost: $2,750

Yes, trains are awesome. The Legoland Train will be perfect for you if you enjoy them.You also receive seven Mini-figures to play with in addition to the train to build.If you were able to purchase one when they initially went on sale back in 2014 and save it, you did extremely well because it is now worth almost $2,750!

14)  Taj Mahal,

Cost: $2,865

The largest Lego set on the list is coming, so be ready. When completed, the Taj Mahal will be a genuine work of art.It is a very magnificent sight and has more than 5,900 unique pieces.I believe you’ll be very pleased with your purchase if you have the patience, resources, and commitment to see it through to the conclusion.

15)  The Tauntaun in Han Solo (Miniland Scale)

Cost: $3,156

Han Solo on Tauntaun is the seventh most expensive Star Wars Lego set on our ranking.Although you would have assumed it would be anything like The Millennium Falcon or The Star Destroyer, it turns out that this little Lego kit is much more sought-after and pricey.It’s probably not the most eye-catching set or lovely to look at, but numbers are numbers and this is the most costly Star Wars Lego Set to date.

16)  Piper Aviation (LEGO Inside Tour Exclusive 2012 Edition)

Cost: $4,016

The 2012 version of Piper Airplane, which costs over $4,000, would be a fairly impressive lego kit to acquire and, in my opinion, be well worth the money.You also receive the airport and Minifigures, which is very great in addition to the aeroplane.Continue reading though, since the top three could be preferable to this one simply for the respect and cool factor.

17)   Antonio’s Pizza-Rama, TMNT (New York Comic-Con 2012 Exclusive)

Cost: $4,276

Who would have thought you’d be using Lego to construct food? You can, as this entry demonstrates.Even though it could be the priciest pizza slice in the world, buying one will give you the satisfaction of knowing that you’re one of the few individuals in the world to have eaten one.Still absurd to assume that Yoda, the Eiffel Tower, and Darth Maul are inferior to a little piece of pizza!

18)   Millennium Falcon for the ultimate collector

Cost: $4,530

The Millennium Falcon holds the distinction of largest Star Wars Lego set on earth.With 5,174 pieces, it is the second-largest Lego set in the world, only after the Taj Mahal.You’ll also discover some great mini-figures of Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca, Princess Leia, and Obi-Wan Kenobi in the package.Overall, if you’re into your lego and a big Star Wars fan, it sounds like a very nice value. Imagine all the hours of entertainment you could get out of it!

19)  The clumsy Hans from H.C. Andersen (2015 Edition)

Cost: $7,375

The 2015 version of H.C. Andersen’s Clumsy Hans takes the top spot on the list.The sets were originally distributed to about 80 Lego ambassadors, the majority of whom elected to keep them, making them very difficult to locate.So, this is the reason for its high price. However, if you’re a collector looking for that unique item to complete your collection, a little $7,375 pales in contrast to getting your hands on a unique Lego set like this one.


We hope you liked reading about the top 20 most costly Lego sets ever produced.You must admit, it was some pretty awesome Lego. It looks to be such a great collectible and toy for all ages.If you’re wanting to purchase one of the priciest Lego kits available, this list should have provided you with a useful starting point.

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