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Bryan Quang Le is a popular American YouTuber of Chinese and Vietnamese descent. He is famous by the name “Ricegum” on his YouTube channel. As of 2023, Ricegum’s estimated net worth is about $8 Million. RiceGum was born on 19 November 1996 in Las Vegas, Nevada. His YouTube channel has received over 1 billion views. Besides his main channel, Riceum owns another channel “RiceGumExtras” with 1.5 Million subscribers.

Net Worth: $8 Million
Date of Birth: November 19, 1996
Age: 26
Birthplace Las Vegas, Nevada
Nationality American
Source of Wealth: YouTuber, Content Creator, Rapper
Last Updated: September, 2023


Early Life

RiceGum, whose real name is Bryan Quang Le, was born on November 19, 1996, in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is of Chinese and Vietnamese ancestry. During his teens, he attended Sierra Vista High School, where he excelled in basketball. He later enrolled at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, but his passion for the online world drew him away. He boldly dropped out during his freshman year to pursue his online career.

Despite moving to the United States, RiceGum’s family remains closely connected to their Vietnamese heritage. In October 2012, he began his digital journey, building his YouTube and Twitter presence. Initially, his content focused on gaming, featuring his Call of Duty skills.


Bryan Quang Le, known far and wide as the YouTube sensation RiceGum, embarked on his digital journey in 2012, giving birth to the RiceGum brand that has since become an emblem of online fame. However, his voyage to stardom was no serene cruise; it was marked by tempestuous feuds and whirlwinds of controversy that gripped the digital realm.

Bryan Quang Le and RiceGum Channel

RiceGum’s notoriety began to gather momentum as he found himself in relentless skirmishes with fellow YouTubers. Names like iDubbbz, James Rallison, Bhad Bhabie, and Gabbie Hanna became regulars in the saga of his online feuds. But it was a particularly tumultuous encounter with Gabbie Hanna in 2017 that catapulted him into the eye of a colossal storm. Accusations flew as she alleged that RiceGum had not only physically confronted her but also shattered her phone at a party.

RiceGum’s content was often a lightning rod for controversy. In mid-2018, a video filmed in Hong Kong drew major flak as it teemed with culturally insensitive remarks. RiceGum was heard in the video declaring that “Asians eat cats and dogs in China.” The video sparked widespread outrage, with accusations of cultural disrespect and ignorance running rampant. It ultimately faced expulsion from YouTube, and despite RiceGum’s subsequent defence, many regarded his apology as insincere.

Yet, the tempest raged on, and 2019 saw RiceGum and Jake Paul embroiled in an ill-fated partnership with the enigmatic MysteryBrand website. The platform tantalized users with grandiose promises of prizes but woefully failed to deliver. As part of his apology, RiceGum gave away Amazon gift card codes to users who had been ensnared in the web of deception. However, many were disheartened to find that these codes had long expired.

The whirlwind of controversies persisted into 2021 when RiceGum joined forces with the esports and entertainment juggernaut FaZe Clan to promote the Save the Kids token. This cryptocurrency venture purportedly aimed at charitable contributions turned out to be nothing more than a cunning pump-and-dump scheme. Disguised beneath the veneer of goodwill, it left many investors bereft.

Despite the rollercoaster of controversies, or perhaps because of them, RiceGum’s star continued its ascent. He now commands an awe-inspiring following of over ten million subscribers and has clocked in more than two billion views on his main YouTube channel. His dominion extends to two other channels, RiceLive and FamilyGum, showcasing the multifaceted nature of his talents.

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Music Career

Yet, RiceGum is not just a YouTube luminary; he’s a formidable rapper. His musical odyssey commenced in 2017 with a crescendo of singles that reverberated through the industry. His debut, “It’s Every Night Sis,” featuring Alissa Violet, was a retort to Jake Paul’s viral sensation “It’s Everyday Bro.” It left an indelible mark by debuting on the Billboard Hot 100 at number 80 and subsequently earning Platinum status.

RiceGum’s musical journey was punctuated by singles like “God Church” and “Frick da Police,” the latter a diss track squarely aimed at iDubbbz. As 2017 drew to a close, he serenaded his audience with a Christmas tune, “Naughty or Nice.” The early months of the following year witnessed the launch of “Bitcoin” and “Fortnite n Chill.” His discography continued to blossom with the release of tracks like “DaAdult,” “My Ex,” and “Contract Money Freestyle” in 2020.

In an interesting twist, RiceGum even made a guest appearance in the music video for fellow rapper and YouTuber KSI‘s song “Earthquake.” However, this collaboration was later marred by a dispute between the two, leading to the video’s removal from YouTube.

RiceGum’s journey may be marked by tempestuous tides and fiery controversies, but it’s undeniable that he stands as a towering figure in the YouTube and music realms. His story is one of resilience and adaptability in the ever-evolving landscape of digital fame.


The following are a few of RiceGum’s top career moments:

  • The “These Kids Must Be Stopped” YouTube Series was launched on his YouTube channel in 2012. (2015)
  • On the US Billboard Hot 100, at position 80. (2017)
  • Refused to accept a Harvard Scholarship (2017)
  • 10 Million subscribers on YouTube (2018)

Personal Life

RiceGum is currently in a relationship with Ellerie Marie. However, in a heart-wrenching revelation in his first YouTube video after more than two years, he shared the devastating news that he and Marie had experienced the loss of a child through stillbirth in late April 2023. This deeply personal moment has allowed his audience to connect with him on a more emotional level, showing the human side of this popular online personality.


RiceGum’s journey is a testament to the possibilities of the digital age. From his beginnings as a high school student to his decision to drop out of college and pursue an online career, his story is one of determination and success. Despite the controversies, he remains a prominent figure in the digital world.

Whether you’re a fan or not, RiceGum’s story reminds us that with dedication and a unique voice, anyone can make a mark in the online realm. So, if you’re an aspiring content creator, take inspiration from his journey and remember that the digital world is full of opportunities for those who dare to seize them.


What is the price of RiceGum?

RiceGum’s estimated net worth is $8 million.

What is the age of RiceGum?

RiceGum, who turned 25 on November 19, 1996, was born in that year.

What is the height of RiceGum?

The height of RiceGum is 1.75 m, or 5 ft 9 in.

What is RiceGum’s birthday?

RiceGum’s birthday is on 19th November.

Did RiceGum Graduate?

No, he dropped out of college in his first semester. According to RiceGum, it gives him a chance to experience the real world and become a better version of himself.

What is RiceGum’s ethnicity?

RiceGum was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. His parents were Vietnamese and Chinese immigrants who moved to the United States. However, RiceGum is an American citizen.

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