What is ricegum networth ?

  • ricegum networth is $8 million
  • Age: 25
  • the19th of November, 1996
  • Gender: Male
  • 75 metres tall (5 ft 9 in)
  • United States of America is the country of origin.
  • Rapper and YouTuber


ricegum networth as of September 2022 is about $8 Million.RiceGum is the stage name of Bryan Quang Le, a popular American YouTuber of Chinese and Vietnamese ancestry. RiceGum was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, and his YouTube channel has received over 1 billion views.

Early Years

Bryan Quang Le, better known as RiceGum, was born on November 19, 1996, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Despite having immigrated to the US, his parents are both Vietnamese. In October 2012, RiceGum started his YouTube and Twitter accounts. He first posted basic videos of himself playing Call of Duty.


He formed a connection with Machinima the same year he launched his YouTube account. Similar to KSI, RiceGum started out as a gaming-focused YouTuber, and that is where he gained his first fans and started to gain popularity.Later, he entered the comedy world. In essence, he began making movies in which he would complain against the young people who were making videos on the app musical.ly.Music also adds a third dimension to his YouTube business. RiceGum started rapping, which was partly inspired by diss recordings on which he would criticise other well-known YouTubers.In fact, one of his diss songs reached position #80 on the Billboard Hot 100, making RiceGum one of the few other YouTubers to do so with Jake Paul. He also has diss songs about Jake Paul, Gabrielle Hanna, and Danielle Bregoli.Through the millions of views and downloads of his tracks, he converted this into a rap career. After all, diversifying is usually a smart idea!By the end of 2017, RiceGum has already accumulated a total of 9 million subscribers, despite just having attained his first million subscribers in the middle of 2016.


The following are a few of RiceGum’s top career moments:

  • The “These Kids Must Be Stopped” YouTube Series was launched on his YouTube channel in 2012. (2015)
  • On the US Billboard Hot 100, at position 80. (2017)
  • Refused to accept a Harvard Scholarship (2017)
  • 10 Million subscribers on YouTube (2018)

Favorite Sayings by RiceGum

  • “You will succeed one day if you read inspiring quotations on Google in your leisure time.” rice gum
  • “Some days I feel as worthless as the G in lasagna,” the speaker said. rice gum
  • “I recall a time when the Internet offered a refuge from the outside world. The actual world is now a place to get away from the internet. rice gum
  • “Greatness cannot be rushed, and I want this music video to be exceptional. Since I know that this will be seen by millions of people, I’ll stay an extra day. rice gum
  • “If your female laughs at a joke made by another guy. That joke should be recorded and told a month from now. If she doesn’t smile, she is definitely lying. rice gum
  • Kids from my primary school are now attempting to become acquaintances, but I recall the day they refused to allow me join them for lunch, hehe. rice gum
  • I’m sorry mum, I’m unable to hang out today. I need to locate old photos of us to upload online. rice gum

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of RiceGum?

It is believed that RiceGum is worth $8 million.

The age of RiceGum

RiceGum, who turned 25 on November 19, 1996, was born in that year.

The height of RiceGum?

The height of RiceGum is 1.75 m, or 5 ft 9 in.


In 2021, RiceGum had over a billion views on YouTube and had 10.6 million followers. The current estimation of RiceGum’s net worth is $8 million.

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