The 30 richest man in the world

Who is the richest man in the world?

Even if they aren’t business owners or even remotely interested in the topic, most individuals have some very solid ideas.You probably already have names that will be on the list of richest people in your brain as you read this.In this post, we rank the top 30 richest persons in the world as of 2022. Let’s find out. These are the game-changers and the individuals who have contributed to the global transformation and reshaping.Only one individual on the list had a net worth of $100 billion when we initially released the “richest” list many years ago. Nine people now have net worths of over $100 billion as of our September 2021 report, with two people on the verge of the $200 billion mark.In the last year, these billionaires’ net worth has seen a significant shift. However, further information about that is provided below.All of the data in this article that pertains to individual net worth estimations was obtained straight from Forbes Real-Time.The top 30 wealthiest persons in the world as of 2022 are as follows:

1.    Daniel Gilbert

$35.3 billion in total assetsAmerican entrepreneur, financier, and philanthropist Daniel Gilbert. Gilbert started Rock Ventures and was a co-founder of Quicken Loans. He is also the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers of the NBA.Daniel Gilbert’s net worth is projected to reach $38.3 billion as of June 2022.

2.    Jack Ma

$40.9 billion in net worthThe founder of the Alibaba Group, Jack Ma, has long been considered one of the wealthiest persons in Asia, but he has just recently joined the list of the world’s richest individuals this year.When KFC was originally launched to China, Jack received rejection letters from several positions, including KFC. Jack Ma currently ranks 22nd on the list with an estimated net worth of $40.9 billion, down 4 points from last year.A leader must possess greater strength and perseverance and be able to tolerate things that others cannot. Jack Ma.

3.    Ma Huateng

$46.2 billion in net worthChinese business tycoon, philanthropist, investor, engineer, and internet and technology entrepreneur Ma Huateng. Tencent, the most valuable corporation in Asia, was founded by him as well.Huateng, another of Asia’s wealthiest people, debuted on our list last year and is now ranked 18th with a projected net worth of $46.2 billion in 2021.

4.    Julia Koch

$46.2 billion in net worthDavid Koch’s spouse, Julia, predeceased him in 2019. In Koch Industries, David and his brother Charles each held 42% of the company’s stock. Julia and her three children received David’s 42 percent ownership interest in the business after his passing.Julia Koch’s projected net worth as of June 2022 is $46.2 billion.

5.    Charles Koch

$46.2 billion in net worthAmerican entrepreneur and philanthropist Charles Koch.Koch is a co-owner and the company’s CEO. The current scope of Koch Industries comprises equipment and technology for process and pollution control, polymers and fibres, minerals, fertilisers, commodities trading and services, forestry and consumer goods, and ranches.Koch entered the list of the wealthiest individuals this year, and he has a staggering net worth of $46.2 billion.

6.    Francois Pinault

$51.1 billion in net worthKering and the investment firm Artémis were both founded by French billionaire François Pinault. Pinault began doing business in the timber sector in the 1960s, and the firm became public in 1988.It changed its name to PPR and started making investments in specialist retail businesses.Francois Pinault’s net worth is projected to be $51.1 billion as of June 2022.

7.    David Thomson

$51.6 billion in net worthRoy Thomson founded the media business Thomson Reuters, whose chairman is David Thomson. They currently run and run the business along with his family.David Thomson’s net worth is projected to reach $51.6 billion as of June 2022.

8.    Michael Dell

$52.4 billion in net worthAn American billionaire businessman and philanthropist named Michael Dell. Of course, Dell founded Dell Technologies, where he is still the CEO today.The 20 Wealthiest Authors in the WorldIn 1984, when Michael was still a student at the University of Texas, Dell Technologies was established.Michael Dell’s net worth is projected to reach $52.4 billion as of June 2022.

9.    MacKenzie Scott

$57.5 billion in net worthAn American author and philanthropist named MacKenzie Scott. She was Jeff Bezos, the man who started Amazon, and his wife. MacKenzie obtained a 4% interest in Amazon following their divorce, which at the time was valued at $35 billion.MacKenzie Scott’s net worth is projected to reach $57.5 billion as of June 2022.

10.Michael Bloomberg

$59 billion is my net worth.Michael Bloomberg is a politician and businessman from the United States. The financial data and media firm, Bloomberg L.P, was founded by Bloomberg, who also serves as its CEO. At 74 years old, Bloomberg is one of the richest persons in the world.Michael Bloomberg moved up to number 11 on this list after adding an additional $14 billion to his net worth earlier this year.He has fallen to number 21 since he is one of the few people on this list whose net worth hasn’t improved in the second and third quarters of 2021.Michael Bloomberg’s net worth is presently projected to be $59 billion as of June 2022.

11.Phil Knight

$61.3 billion Net WorthAmerican business tycoon and philanthropist Phil Knight. Knight is the current chairman of Nike Inc., which he co-founded. Even when we are merely shown the Nike emblem, we all know who Nike is.Phil Knight is predicted to have a net worth of $61.3 billion as of June 2022, ranking him as the world’s 20th richest person.

12.Gautam Adani has a net worth of $65.8 billion.

Indian billionaire industrialist and philanthropist Gautam Adani is from.The Adani Group, an international corporation with offices in Ahmedabad and engaged in port operations and development in India, was founded by Adani, who also serves as its current chairman.Gautam Adani’s net worth is projected to reach $65.8 billion as of June 2022.

13.Zhong Shanshan

$65.9 trillion in net worthThe chairman of the Chinese water beverage firm, Nongfu Spring, is Zhong Shanshan. Shanshan was added to this list because of the company’s stock price’s recent increase.Zhong Shanshan’s net worth is projected to reach $65.9 billion as of June 2022.

14.Rob Walton

Total Assets: $67 billionThe eldest son of Sam Walton, Rob Walton presided over Walmart as chairman from his father’s passing until 2015.Additionally, he just overtook his brother Jim on this list of the richest individuals in the world for a brief period of time. He’s now returned to his old position, though.Rob Walton’s net worth is anticipated to reach $67 billion as of June 2022.

15.Alice Walton

Value: $67.3 billionSam Walton’s daughter Alice is the heir to the Walmart wealth. In 1988, she started the Llama Company, but it has since shut down.With an estimated net worth of $67.3 billion today, Alice Walton ranks as the 16th richest person in the world and the second richest woman globally.”I am aware of the cost of lettuce. You must comprehend value and pricing. You get the best lettuce you can at the most affordable price. (Alice Walton)

16.Jim Walton

$68.3 billion in net worthThe world’s greatest retail organisation, “Walmart,” was founded by Sam Walton, whose son is Jim Walton. He is the CEO of his own business, Arvest Bank, and a member of the Walmart board of directors.Jim Walton’s net worth was $68.3 billion as of June 2022.

17.Amancio Ortega

$78.8 billion in net worthSpanish businessman Amancio Ortega founded the Inditex apparel company. One of the most well-known apparel retailers in the world is Zara, which is owned by Inditex.Formerly the fifth-richest person in the world, Ortega has lately lost approximately $20 billion of it, or 25%, making it one of the worst losses of 2021 thus far.Amancio Ortega’s net worth is predicted to reach $78.8 billion as of June 2022.The 20 richest NBA players in the world are listed below.

18.Carlos Slim Helu

Value: $79.5 billionThe proprietor of the ‘Grupo Carso’ conglomerate is the Mexican billionaire and financier Carlos Slim Helu. The portfolio of the company includes brands across a wide range of sectors, including healthcare, media, energy, real estate, and retail.With a net worth of $79.5 billion, Carlos ranks 13th among the world’s wealthiest people.A few years ago, Slim Helu’s net worth suffered a severe blow, but it has since rebounded.

19.Mukesh Ambani

$87.3 billion in net worthThe chairman, managing director, and major shareholder of Reliance Industries Limited is the Indian business tycoon Mukesh Ambani (RIL).Ambani has long held the title of richest man in Asia, and this year he is rising the ranks of the richest people in the world!Mukesh Ambani’s net worth was $87.3 billion as of June 2022.The chance to create value for them and profit for myself exists in the billion people that exist today, in the words of Mukesh Ambani.

20.Francoise Bettencourt Meyers

$92.2 billion in net worthWhen Liliane Bettencourt passed away in 2017, Francoise Bettencourt Meyers succeeded her as the current L’Oreal heiress. She now serves as chairperson of the holding company, and her family owns 33 percent of L’Oreal.Francoise Bettencourt Meyers is predicted to have a net worth of $92.2 billion as of June 2022, making her the richest woman in the world.

21.Steve Ballmer

Value: $97.1 billionFormer CEO of Microsoft and current owner of the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers is Steve Ballmer.Steve Ballmer is predicted to have a net worth of $97.1 billion as of June 2022, ranking him as the 10th richest person in the world.

22.Warren Buffett

$103.6 billion in net worthAmerican businessman, investor, and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett. Because of his achievement, Buffett is the most successful investor in the world, and millions of other traders admire him.With a staggering net worth of $103.6 billion, despite falling a few spots over the previous few years, Warren Buffett remains the ninth richest person in the world.Despite this, Buffett continues to reside in the house he bought when he had no idea what a billion dollars looked like.What a modest man!”I’ll explain how to get money to you. Shut the doors. When others are greedy, be afraid. When others are afraid, be greedy. Warren Buffet

23.Larry Ellison

$116.7 billion in net worthThe Oracle Corporation was co-founded by Larry Ellison, who also served as the organization’s CEO from September 2013 until September 2014.With over 136,000 employees and a 39-year history, Oracle has developed into a hugely successful computer corporation.With a net worth of $116.7 billion, Larry Ellison ranks eighth among the world’s wealthiest persons.

24.Sergey Brin

$119.3 billion in net worthIn a modest garage, Sergey Brin and Larry Page co-founded Google in 1998. Together, they have propelled Google to the top, moving Sergey Brin a few spaces back on this list of the world’s richest individuals.Sergey Brin’s net worth was around $119.3 billion as of June 2022.

25.Lawrence Page

$123.7 billion in net worthGoogle, which was started in a garage in 1998, was co-founded by Larry Page.Google is without a doubt the most popular search engine in the world, and it has since made a number of acquisitions, including YouTube. Larry Page is one of the wealthiest persons in the world thanks to Google’s success.Larry Page’s net worth is projected to reach $123.7 billion as of June 2022.

26.Bill Gates,

$132.5 billion in net worthMicrosoft was founded by Bill Gates, who also held the title of world’s richest man for a number of years.In 1975, Gates and Paul Allen started Microsoft, which has since grown to be the largest PC software provider globally.Since he passed the $100 billion milestone, Gates’ net worth has been essentially flat. He is currently the third richest man in the world after falling another position.Bill Gates’ net wealth is anticipated to reach $132.5 billion as of June 2022.Related: India’s Top 10 Wealthiest Individuals”Success is a terrible instructor. It deceives intelligent individuals into believing they are unbeatable. (Bill Gates)

27.Mark Zuckerberg,

$136.8 billion in net worthMark Zuckerberg is well recognised as the creator of Facebook. The world’s most well-known and lucrative social media firm is now Facebook. And it all began at Mark’s Harvard University dorm room.The considerable net worth loss Mark Zuckerberg had as a result of the Cambridge Analytica data scandal and other problems that caused the price of Facebook stock to drop has been recovered.With an estimated net worth of $136.8 billion, Mark Zuckerberg is now the fourth richest person in the world.”The system generally works out well when you give everyone a voice and give people authority. Giving individuals that power is, in our opinion, what we should be doing. Marc Zuckerberg

28.Bernadette Arnault

$177.7 billion in net worthAt LVMH, Bernard Arnault serves as CEO (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey).In the end, the two companies were combined to create the new enterprise. A very popular name in luxury fashion, Louis Vuitton, has joined with the makers of cognac and champagne to become Moet Hennessey.Over the past year, Bernard has been really moving up this list. In actuality, he was ranked 14th at the start of 2017. He is now ranked third among the top 25 richest persons on the planet for the year 2021, which is almost 5 years later.The projected value of Bernard Arnault’s net wealth as of June 2022 is $177.7 billion.

29.Elon Musk

$190 billion in net worthSouth African-born, Canadian/American engineer, industrial designer, and tech entrepreneur Elon Reeve Musk FRS. If you’re enthusiastic about the future of the globe, Musk has undoubtedly been all over your travels.In addition to Tesla Inc., SpaceX, The Boring Company, and Neuralink, Musk established PayPal.Elon Musk is expected to have a net worth of $79.4 billion end of June 2022, more than doubling this year due to the absurd increase in Tesla stock prices between April and August.Musk debuted on this list two years ago as the 24th richest person in the world; today, he is ranked second.Elon Musk’s net worth is projected to exceed $190 billion as of June 2022.

30.Jeff Bezos

$197.2 billion in net worthOne of the biggest and most well-known businesses on the internet, Inc., was founded by Jeff Bezos. In Jeff’s bedroom, Amazon began as a straightforward online bookshop, and early revenues were modest.Following a staggering $40 billion increase in his net worth over the past two years, Jeff Bezos will be the richest person in the world in 2021! Amazon is moving forward with a number of important initiatives, including the start of drone deliveries, after recently purchasing Wholefoods.Bezos recently divorced his wife MacKenzie, and as a result, she acquired 4% of Amazon, which is worth billions. Despite this, Bezos has maintained his position as the company’s CEO.It’s incredible that Jeff Bezos is the first person to surpass not just the $100 billion barrier but also temporarily the $200 billion level. Many predict he’ll become the first trillionaire in history.Jeff Bezos’ net wealth is projected to be $197.2 billion as of June 2022.Read on for a detailed list of the wealthiest individuals in 2021.Companies fall into two categories: those who aim to charge more and those that try to charge less. We’ll come in second.

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