The top video gaming chairs for 2022

The greatest gaming chairs provide a cozy spot to relax after a hard day and play some games. The last thing you want is for your chair to keep you hurting or annoyed all day; it must be reliable, ergonomic, and adaptable to your demands. We picked the finest gaming chairs that don’t sacrifice comfort or elegance and the ones that hold up to our rigorous testing.

Your spine should be the first consideration when choosing the finest gaming chair for you. Your body has to be supported by a strong foundation since it is a fragile flesh temple. But really, think about which seats will provide your body with the finest back support.

To determine whether you require extra-special neck pillows, built-in back massagers, or lumbar support, speak with a doctor (opens in new tab). Although a quality chair won’t be cheap, investing in one that offers ergonomic advantages will be a wise move (opens in new tab).

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At first glance, some of the greatest gaming chairs may appear to go beyond their design, with racing car seats and some ultimate thrones floating about that are inscribed with satanic runes(opens in new tab).

We’ve also included some understated yet fashionable office chairs if you’re searching for something a little more subdued. The envy of Silicon Valley, chairs like the Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody(opens in new tab), provide the support you need in a gaming chair without the overt gaming looks.

The majority of the gaming chairs in our guide have all passed our collective butt tests after being put through a number of tests by the most reputable brands in the market today. And although you could always choose a cheap gaming chair(which opens in a new tab), it’s worth saving up for one from this guide instead. Treat your backside to something wonderful every day.

Top Gaming Chairs

1. Secretlab Titan Evo 2022

The top video gaming chairs for 2022-1

We use the Secretlab Titan as the standard to compare all other gaming seats against. It met every need for gaming furniture, including comfort, support, and most significantly, good appearance, to gain that position. Even if the new Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 has a few amazing new features to stay ahead of the competition, none of that has changed.

Let’s skip the old material and get directly into the new. With three additional sizes of the Titan Evo 2022 available, Secretlab is introducing it to a larger audience this time. Small, standard, and extra large are available. The advantage of this is that the Titan Evo 2022 should meet most needs, so you won’t need to go to a different chair model in the future.

In a similar vein, Secretlab claims that the slight curve it added to the seat base will help you maintain a good sitting posture. Although the seat has a lot of foam padding, it’s difficult to determine whether the moderate curve is actually keeping me secured firmly in place during the day.

Because of its excellent built-in back support, the Titan Evo 2022’s user-friendly ergonomics make it a wonderful fit for lengthy gaming sessions or eight hours of work-related typing. Due to its high degree of adjustability, you may quickly find a perfect fit. The comfy seat rest, magnetic head cushion, and 4D armrests are all worth mentioning.

Yes, you read it correctly—a magnetic headrest. The Titan Evo 2022 offers a straightforward alternative to complicated straps by eliminating all of that with a pair of strong magnets.

The Titan Evo’s adjustable lumbar support is a significant contributor to its high degree of comfort, and it’s a very cool mechanism. Through the usage of the two dials on the side, it extends and retracts internal support in, out, and up and down.

So, not only are you not reliant on a cumbersome cushion to support your back, but you can also adjust the lumbar support of the Titan Evo while you are still seated. This makes getting it perfect really simple.

The chair’s upholstery is likewise spotless. Although we’ve ranked SoftWeave Plus fabric as the finest for comfort and durability for years, there’s still something to be said for the leatherette’s appearance, particularly the vivid red stitching.

I’ll have to follow up with you on the chair’s actual durability once I’ve used it for a while. Maybe when the Titan Evo 2024 is released, I’ll be able to let you know whether it really stands the test of time. Nevertheless, I can see how unexpectedly light and cool the leatherette fabric feels during the day, and it definitely has a gorgeous appearance.

The Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 seems superior to both the Titan and Omega gaming chairs in every way as a combination of the two. The Titan Evo 2022 succeeds in doing everything each chair has done so well, if not better. It costs $449 ($499 for the XL model), which is a little more than its predecessors did, but I believe the improvements it offers make up for the price increase.

2. Herman Miller Embody by Logitech

You may be familiar with the Herman Miller Embody. It once held the top spot in our compilation of the finest office chairs(opens in new tab), but that is no longer the case. Not due to a lack of comfort or praise, but rather because the renowned chair maker collaborated with Logitech to design something just for our gaming rumps.

The Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody actually doesn’t go too far from the original Embody in most respects. The gaming Embody, a tried-and-true and well-known design, is now available in a new black and blue coloring.

A plain black is also an option if you like a more sober/edgelord appearance. Along with the Logitech G logo running over the upper band of the backrest, there is a little Logitech G brand toggle on the back that, as far as I am aware, has no purpose.

The branding on the Logitech collaboration feels sophisticated in contrast to the racing-style gaming chairs that we’re used to as PC gamers, even if I’m not convinced it adds much to the party.

The Embody stands out as one of the greatest gaming seats available, although not so much because of the modifications. It is what has remained constant. One of the greatest seats for gaming or business use is the tried-and-true Embody design. It encourages an active and healthy posture, is exceptionally comfortable for extended usage, and is simple to adjust to your frame.

But until the Embody showed up, I wasn’t sure what to anticipate from it. I definitely hadn’t expected such a big box to show up at my door. Initially, all of my thoughts were on how I was going to carry the box up the two sets of steep steps that led to my apartment.

One of the nicest aspects of Herman Miller may be concealed by that enormous box. The chair was completely constructed, which is something of a pet hate of mine, so there was no fumbling with screws or throwaway tools, as I learned after deciding that I had to cut the chair out of the box with a knife in my hallway. (I keep collecting subpar Allen keys from cheap flat-pack furniture, and I know there must be a better method.)

The feature of this chair that stands out the most is that you may sit in it all day without experiencing any discomfort in your lower back. Your upper half may move about the office all day into postures that are definitely not ergonomic, but your lower body tends to remain stationary at a desk, so it’s crucial to get that exactly right. The Embody thankfully does.

The guarantee is another noteworthy aspect. It is a chair that is guaranteed to last you over a decade, if not longer, with a warranty of 12 years, including labor, and is rated for 24-hour use over that time. Therefore, even if the initial cost may seem high—and it does—in the long term, you’re guaranteed to receive your money’s worth. Your back will appreciate it as well.

3. Omega Secretlab

The top video gaming chairs for 2022-2

Please bear with me even though I realize the Secretlab Omega is not a mattress. The majority of consumers are ready to pay a little bit extra for a high-quality mattress. That’s because they are aware that they will be lying in it for a significant amount of the 24-hour day.

Gaming chair manufacturers have recently exploded, which suggests that gamers share similar thinking when it comes to furnishing their PC setup with a chair.

Among the chairs we’ve reviewed, the Secretlab Omega has one of the finest constructions. Although the Titan Evo 2022 has largely replaced it, the Omega may still be a popular choice for those trying to save a little money due to that chair’s higher price.

Secretlab has utilized some of the best materials on the market for everything from the casters to the base, the lift mechanism, armrests, and the seat back. Secretlab’s 2020 series of upgrades, which include quality aluminum in the armrest mechanism to make it silky smooth to adjust and even more robust, and the addition of the brand’s absurdly durable PU Leather 2.0, enhanced the Omega.

High-quality, cold-cured foam is used in the chair to give support. After prolonged usage, it becomes less stiff and comfier. The velour memory foam lumbar and head cushions make the Omega stand out from the competition.

These are so comfy that, if we wanted to, we could easily fully recline the chair and take a nap. However, that wouldn’t look well in the office. The Secretlab Omega is an investment that is well worth it if you want to provide your body with a chair that will last for years to come.

The greatest gaming chairs may easily outlast your components and last a decade or more, even if you might not invest as much of your rig’s cash to one as excellent as a graphics card.

The Omega is a long-lasting, incredibly durable piece of foam. The seat cushion in the Secretlab Omega still feels like new even after several months of use. The only downside to this is that the seat gives up part of its suppleness to sustain years of hard use.

The not-so-secret Secretlab strategy for success includes eliminating the middleman. The business sells to clients directly rather than working with wholesalers and merchants. This enables it to share its savings with customers and provide a high-quality product at a competitive price.

Additionally, it eliminates at least one additional shipping trip from the scenario, decreasing the possibility of damaged items.

4. NeueChair

The top video gaming chairs for 2022-3

The NeueChair is a great alternative if you’re the kind of person who values utility above flair. This is not to mean that it lacks style; on the contrary, the NeueChair is available in bright chrome/silver or a sleek, subdued obsidian, both with bold, beautiful curving supports on the back and a lovely black mesh.

But more significantly, the NeueChair is made to last because of its strong, durable industrial design. Even the chair’s weight in the packing suggests that it was well manufactured because it is sturdy and weighty.

It only requires inserting the casters and pressing the two components together to put it together because it comes in two separate pieces. The armrests and lumbar support system, which enables you to vary the height and depth of the backrest, are only two of the many customizable features of the seat.

If you can afford the obviously high price tag, it’s one of the greatest office chairs I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. It’s definitely worth the cost.

5. Noblechairs Hero

Purchasing a gaming chair might make it simple to overlook your health. After all, the majority are marketed as plush, cushioned thrones that ease your pain while you destroy your opponents in Apex Legends. But that isn’t the case, and for certain people, it’s crucial to choose a chair that prioritizes back support.

We can heartily suggest the Noblechairs Hero in uPVC leather because certain members of the staff have used it on a regular basis for about a year. Even though it’s not the most interesting or sporty chair, it does an excellent job of looking after your back.

Putting together the Hero is simple, but you’ll need a helper for the part when you join the back to the seat. It is highly robust, solid, and support. The chair is hefty, so if you want a softer chair that isn’t as excellent for your lumbar region, this one might not be for you.

Sincerity is damned, the Hero gaming chair is imposing. The seat is sturdy but comfy thanks to the cold-cure pressed foam. It won’t immediately sag into you, which helps with posture, and it will eventually soften, but it definitely adds to the appearance (a hard look is awful).

However, because of the base support, it is still suitable for prolonged gaming sessions or working from home in your pagan temple. In either case, it more than makes up for its lack of softness with support.

I like how the armrests can pivot, making it easier to move them out of the way when using a controller. They are also entirely height and breadth adjustable, which is fantastic for us little folks. Having such a large armrest is also fantastic, although I tend to lean on the corner rather than fully utilize it, which wears out my elbow. Although I personally like armrests with padding, at least they don’t become slick or sticky when you’re trying to flex on your favorite horror FPS series.

The chair has height adjustment (as should all chairs), a “rake mechanism” that lets you change the angle with a device that resembles a handbrake, and a totally separate “lock tilt” mechanism that lets you either rock freely or lock yourself almost horizontally for a good nap if all that intense gaming has worn you out. Additionally, when unlocked, it doesn’t jump forward and suffocate you, which is always good.

6. AndaSeat Kaiser 3 XL

It’s a great chair if you want a little bit more space than your typical gaming seat, and the Kaiser 3 XL is perfect for that. Large and extra large are the two available sizes for the Kaiser 3. A player’s height ranges from 4’11” to 6’2″ (150-190 cm) in the big and 5’11” to 6’9″ in the extra large (181-210cm). It’s an extra huge, which I had the pleasure of experiencing.

This chair will suit whether you have a gluteus maximus or gluteus minimus because the extra large is wide enough for medium to XXXL people.

The Kaiser 3 is quite interested in providing possibilities. Premium PVC leather and linen fabric are the two materials that are offered for this chair. Orange, pink, and blue are three of the seven hues available for premium leather. Ash grey and carbon black are the two hues available for the linen fabric. The sleek black quality PVC leather chair that I’ve been trying looks similar to the Jungle 2. Orange accents may be noticed in The Jungle 2.

These are all good things, right? It’s fantastic that the Kaiser 3 has a 165-degree recline and two levers to adjust the tilt and height of the chair, which raises it by roughly three inches. All of these items are excellent for comfort.

I really want to talk about the Kaiser 3’s really unique features, including the 4D armrests, which increase comfort to the furthest level. The armrests are magnetic and constructed of PU foam, making them comfortable to lean on, much like the Secretlab Titan Evo chair that we like.

Three buttons are located on the armrest; the one outside the armrest adjusts its height. The chair’s internal button, located not far from the end of the armrest, provides for forwarding and backward movement as well as a left-to-right pivot. The final one, under the armrest, shifts it from left to right.

I adore a 4D armrest since it lets me customize it for my sitting posture, especially when the chair tilts forward and reclines backward. I’m always more anxious when my elbows are hanging down. It’s comparable to putting your foot propped up on the bed at night.

You can just feel that something will grab it.

Another outstanding element is the neck pillow, which carries on the magnetic motif. I won’t even try to lie: this one changes the game. This magnetic neck pillow is amazing. That eliminates the need for straps and the struggle to fasten it to the backrest.

BAM! Like you’re in a Flex Tape ad, just slap that baby on the chair, and it stays. The fact that it is readily movable farther up or down on the chair makes it useful if you are shorter than the 5’11” suggested height for this chair in addition to being a pretty nice feature.

Its magnetic nature does not lessen its comfort, though. The neck pillow includes cooling technology and is constructed of memory foam to preserve comfort.

Anything missing, you think? Possibly a cushion for lumbar support. The nice thing is that! Although there is no lumbar support cushion, the chair does have lumbar support. and controlled by two knobs positioned on the chair’s left and right sides.

They’re not in the finest places in terms of accessibility. But the lumbar support may be raised and lowered with the knob on the left. Which, again, depending on your height, serves a really useful purpose.

The lumbar support’s stiffness and how far it extends from the chair are adjusted via the knob on the right side of the chair. I may increase the lumbar support by turning the knob in my direction. When I turn the chair away from me, the lumbar support disappears into the furniture. Neat.

I could really sit in this all day. Additionally, a magnetic tray table panel that hooks into the armrest will be a feature that debuts in June. It looks and sounds like a gaming high chair, but a portable desk sounds far cooler.

7. DXRacer Craft Series

The DXRacer Craft Series will appeal to gamers who want more out of their gaming setup than just a boring assortment of black items. There is a tonne of hues and patterns available, many of which have an unexpected creative flare and sophisticated preferences. The greatest part is that you don’t have to accept a poor chair in order to nail the style; the DXRacer Craft Series is both well-made and comfortable.

The DXRacer Craft Series’ style is very similar to that of many of our favorite gaming seats. It contains two paddles to change the height and whether or not it can recline, four-dimensional armrests, lumbar support, and a detachable head cushion. Nothing stumbles or creaks; everything operates without a hitch. Particularly, the lumbar support is a welcome improvement over my old chair.

The chair can be adjusted to your liking and doesn’t seem like it’s going to crumble, which is a plus for something you’ll likely keep for years. Although most of the functions are ones you’ll set up once and keep that way, it’s wonderful to have the choice if, for example, you play an instrument that needs extra space for your arms.

Polyurethane leather, sometimes known as PU leather, covers the chair itself. Nothing about the material is unpleasant, especially with the foam cushioning inside, but given my constrained testing window, it’s difficult to predict with any degree of accuracy if it may peel or break with prolonged wear.

This is a major worry if you want your gaming chair to look good for many years after you buy it because other gaming chairs built with the same material have a tendency to do this. Generally speaking, you want something durable like mesh cloth.

The whole price is not significantly more than Secretlab’s Titan Evo 2022 series, which has many more color possibilities and branded appearances like the League of Legends Jinx design. The Secretlab is a superior chair, but if you like any of the styles, the DXRacer Craft Series isn’t so much worse that it’s not worth buying one.

Nevertheless, given the qualities it offers, this chair is a little more expensive than we’d prefer. Although it lacks the feature set and isn’t quite as sleek as the Secretlab Titan Evo, this is certainly a viable alternative if you want something with a little more eccentric flare.

8. Corsair T3 Rush

The T3 Rush, the newest addition to Corsair’s range of high-end gaming seats, has undergone a much-needed update. The T3 Rush employs a soft, breathable fabric rather than synthetic leather, which makes it an obscenely comfortable chair owing to its memory foam lumbar cushion.

This is because it holds onto heat less effectively, keeping you cool and comfortable as opposed to perspiring in your noisy pleather.

My major worry about a fabric gaming chair is how easily it can be cleaned compared to leather and imitation leather, but I don’t have the heart to try. So, if you’re a renowned food and drink spiller at your desk, it’s something to think about.

The Rush seems more like an office-chic device than a gaming professional. It is available in grey or black and stays away from outlandish design decisions that may be a touch embarrassing during a business conversation. It’s a $300 chair that costs less than it appears to cost. If you’re bored of black or grey and were searching for something with a bit more personality, DX Racer and Secret Labs provide a variety of styles and colors.

If you want to take a relaxing cat nap before engaging in another marathon streaming session of Apex Legends or CS: GO, The Rush also reclines to an absurd 180 degrees.

For consumers with smaller frames, the T3 Rush’s main significant drawback is its size. It will be uncomfortable to sit in the T3 if you need a smaller seat. Therefore, unless you’re purchasing this for a child, you should go elsewhere if you’re taller than 6 feet or heavier than 200 pounds. However, the absence of any vibrant hues may put people off.

FAQ about the top gaming chairs

Do all gaming chairs accommodate all body types?

Make careful to verify your fit because different chair types may handle different weights and heights. Observe the seat’s depth and breadth as well. Depending on your size and leg length, certain chairs recommend sitting cross-legged.

Do gaming chairs in fact cause harm?

You would believe PC Gamer has become disenchanted with the humble chair after reading recent stories about the negative effects of sitting down(opens in new tab) on your body and our experimenting with standing desks(opens in new tab).

That is the furthest thing from the truth.

We spend a large portion of each day seated in front of screens as office employees and gamers. Given that the majority of us don’t have any immediate plans to alter that, it only makes sense to do so in a comfortable chair. I, therefore, set out to look for that.

We sought seats with the highest levels of support, comfort, and affordability. We chatted with workstation setup expert Melissa Afterman, MS CPE(opens in new tab), Senior Principal Ergonomicist at VSI Risk Management & Ergonomics(opens in new tab), Inc.

She assured me that the chairs were still OK. “Yes, we are aware that prolonged sitting is unhealthy. The fact is that standing too long is harmful to your health, thus mobility is the solution. Taking breaks, moving around at least once per hour, or switching from standing to sitting every hour will help you avoid standing for too long.”

In order to keep a neutral spine posture and allow the chair to hold you up while typing and working at a computer, she said, you truly need more upright support. “But if you want to rest your lower back while still having excellent support in that position while playing a game, you could choose to slightly recline. Therefore, a locking backrest and/or tension control are crucial.”

A seat pan slider is another feature to keep an eye out for, however, they are often only available on more costly versions. This gives you the option to move your butt’s position in relation to the backrest forward or backward.

Are gaming chairs preferable to office chairs?

Nope! Both excellent and awful instances of both may be found, and trust us, there are plenty. However, certain “office chairs,” like the Herman Miller Embody, blur the distinction between the two and are excellent for both gaming and work.

Finding what’s best for you really just requires some searching, and a lot of the time that’s a gaming chair because let’s face it, you enjoy the way it looks. That is a completely valid justification for that choice; just be careful not to forgo comfort and ergonomics in favor of style and flair.

If you want to save money and be comfortable, a cheap office chair might be a fantastic choice.

Do gaming chairs hold their value?

The finest gaming chairs will complete your PC setup, not just from an aesthetic standpoint but also by providing you with the support your spine needs because you’ll probably be sitting in front of it for extended periods of time.

Do video game seats improve posture?

The ideal gaming seats protect your back and you. Lumbar support is essential for chair design. Your body needs support to maintain good posture, therefore the first thing you should check for in a new gaming chair is if it has any built-in support.

Some even include lumbar support cushions that, to an extent, function. Additionally crucial are multi-adjustable armrests, upholstery, and overall design; keep in mind that these elements are not inexpensive.

However, a gaming chair can’t perform all tasks. The greatest gaming seats promote healthy posture, but it is your responsibility to maintain it.

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