What is travis scott net worth?

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  • Assets: $60 million
  • Age: 30
  • on 30 April 1992
  • Gender: Male
  • 78 metres tall (5 ft 10 in)
  • United States of America is the country of origin.
  • Rapper with a career

Travis Scott’s net worth is projected to reach $60 million as of August 2022, while Kylie Jenner’s is pegged at $900 million.American rapper Travis Scott also performs as a performer, songwriter, and record producer. Last year, he made headlines when his daughter Stormi, whom he had with Kylie Jenner, was born.

Early Years

Texas’s Houston was the place of Travis Scott’s birth on April 30, 1992. His grandmother raised him in Missouri, where his true name is Jacques Webster the Third.After attending a private primary and middle school, the student finally graduated from the public Elkins High School. He briefly studied at the University of Texas in San Antonio before leaving to pursue music in New York City.When Scott’s parents learned the news, they were devastated and stopped giving him money and assistance.


Travis Scott started his career as a rapper when he was just 16 years old. Scott founded the hip-hop group The Graduates with a buddy of his.Travis got contracts with GOOD Music and Epic Records four years later. He also got a contract with Grand Hustle a year later. It’s reasonable to conclude that Travis Scott was headed for great success in the hip-hop scene.In 2018, Travis has already had a number of albums published, had songs included in the Billboard Hot 100, and welcomed a daughter with girlfriend Kylie Jenner.Additionally, Travis has worked with musicians including Post Malone, Wiz Khalifa, and Gucci Mane.Travis Scott’s net worth is projected to be $60 Million as of August 2022.What Does Travis Scott Do With His Cash?Without a question, Travis Scott is now among the highest-paid rappers. Scott has been actively earning money by going on tours and creating fresh, well-liked music.In addition to earning money from his music and merchandise, Travis also benefits financially from his Nike endorsement agreement. He enjoys investing in hip clothing and unique footwear a lot.The rapper is a huge auto enthusiast; on April 30, 2020, he will give himself a brand-new Bugatti Chiron, which will cost $3.1 million. Kylie Jenner received a $1.4 million sports vehicle from Scott. For her 21st birthday, he also gave Kylie a white vintage 1950s Rolls Royce.In Los Angeles, Scott spent $23.5 million in cash to purchase a massive property.


  • Days Before Rodeo (2014), Owl Pharaoh (2013), and Rodeo (2015)
  • McKnight’s song “Birds in the Trap Sing” (2016)
  • The People’s Champ Award at the BET Hip-Hop Awards (Antidote, 2016)
  • Choice Electric/Dance Song at the Teen Choice Awards (Know No Better, 2017)
  • astronomy (2018)

Favorite Travis Scott quotations

  • “Man, I’m just here for the fun. I want everyone to have a fantastic experience. particularly if they are near me. Austin Scott
  • “In my opinion, Houston is a major force in music culture. Everyone adores the culture of Houston. For artists like me and Beyonce who kicked it off, it deserves its own monument and moment. Austin Scott
  • “Money is something that just keeps you motivated and keeps you living and healthy. Drive is what it is. It’s the zeal. Austin Scott
  • “I don’t do just one thing; I always felt like I had to be involved in everything that revolved around what I do, whether it was composing beats, music, performing, or directing videos.” Austin Scott
  • Everyone just follows distinct steps in their lives to carry out the proper actions. Austin Scott
  • I must admit, I’ve worked with Jay Z and my dog in the studio. I believed that freestyle was a myth. But, brother! Austin Scott
  • Houston was solely renowned for one thing, therefore I wanted to go while I was there. That is why I struck New York and Los Angeles. That’s why I went to London and Paris. I really just took everything in and turned it into what Travi$ Scott is and what I see to be new. Austin Scott

Ten Success Principles from Travis Scott

We thought we’d go over some of Travis Scott’s most important guidelines for success, which he cited in the video above, now that you are fully aware of his net worth. If you don’t want to bother watching the entire video, here are Travis Scott’s success tips:

1. Cease attempting to outdo one another.

Scott asserts that artists might all have the power if they simply gave up attempting to outdo one another. They should be cooperating with one another rather than competing. The true power is used in the situation.

2.It’s never an option to give up.

Travis Scott never considers giving up. That covers the time when he was attempting to succeed and faced many challenges. He never gave up, and he claims that giving up now is not an option for him.

3. Choose your own path

Travis said that several different musicians at first served as his inspiration. He first drew influence from it when making his own music, but he finally developed his own style and distinct sound.

4. Remove obstacles

Don’t allow difficulties stop you from accomplishing your objectives. Be willing to step outside of your comfort zone in order to lower the obstacles keeping you back.

5. Construct an event

Travis is all about constructing experiences that are packed with many graphics and aspects. not only a rapper with a DJ and a microphone.

6. Perform your own work

If you are capable of carrying out specific tasks on your own and achieving specific objectives by yourself, go for it! You will frequently need to work with people in order to accomplish your objectives. However, don’t hold out for assistance from everyone. Perform your best.

7. Produce anything you want

You have the freedom to focus on whatever you choose. When working with others, Scott said, they’ll often give ideas, and he may take the ones he likes and modify them to suit his preferences. His effort toward the task will be considerably more fruitful if he enjoys it.

8. Make the proper connections

Making the appropriate connections is crucial for success. Connections with people who can assist you and have already experienced your position are really beneficial. Keep an eye out for them and be sure to establish close relationships with them.

9. Take a drug

The power of knowledge. In the studio, Travis claims he doesn’t utilise drugs to boost his work ethic. He is the substance. He possesses the expertise necessary to create successful tunes and beats.

10. Rage

If you’ve ever seen one of Travis’ performances, you know how much vigour he brings to the stage. People should simply savour the present, have fun, and put their all into everything they do, according to Scott.

6 Unexpected Details About Travis Scott

  1. The Houston musician began playing the drums at the age of 3. He then entered the piano.
  2. Jacques Webster is Travi$ Scott’s actual name. He admitted to Grantland in 2014 that a cousin he adored served as some of the inspiration for his rap name.
  3. Scott revealed to TheDrop.fm in 2013 that he usually records in the dark.
  4. Contrary to the attitude of many rappers, Scott said to MTV that he sobbed when he first met Kid Cudi.
  5. He had a hard time convincing his family to support his goal to be in the music industry.
  6. The creator of “Days Before Rodeo” claims that his passion of variety is a result of growing up in Missouri City, Texas. 

Questions and Answers

What is Travis Scott’s net worth?

It is believed that Travis Scott is worth $60 million.

What is Travis Scott’s age?

Travis Scott, who turned 30 years old on April 30, 1992, was born.

What is Travis Scott’s height?

Travis Scott is 5 feet 10 inches tall, or 1.78 metres.


Travis Scott is a well-known rapper from the United States who has recently become a parent. He’s only 28 years old, so he still has a long career ahead of him with a lot of promise.Travis Scott’s net worth is projected to be $60 Million as of August 2022.

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