Verizon Connect GPS Fleet Tracking Review

Dashcams and hardwired and plug-and-play gear are also available via Verizon Connect.
A complete and dependable fleet management solution is Verizon Connect.
Based on features and cost, Verizon Connect plans are individually created.
This evaluation is intended for fleet managers and midsize company owners who are thinking about using Verizon Connect as their fleet monitoring solution.

Our pick for the finest GPS fleet monitoring solution for medium fleets is Verizon Connect. Verizon Connect satisfies the requirements for a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for companies with medium fleets. The platform is among the most scalable available, making it perfect for medium and larger fleets with particular fleet management requirements. You may even tailor your programme to drivers in different areas thanks to its multilanguage and multitime zone features. Electronic logging device (ELD) and International Fuel Tax Agreement compliance are only two of the services offered by Verizon Connect that may satisfy any compliance need.

Editor’s Score: 91/100

Cost 82/100
Features 99/100
Refresh time 96/100
Usability 91/100
Customer service 85/100

Why Verizon Connect Is Best for Midsize Fleets

Telogis, Verizon Networkfleet, and Fleetmatics, three significant GPS fleet monitoring businesses, were combined to establish Verizon Connect. Verizon Connect is more scalable than its rivals because to the combination of these three businesses. Although it supports all fleet sizes, its features are perfect for midrange fleets. With its extensive feature set, Verizon Connect is the perfect choice for medium fleets in need of a reliable tracking solution.

It might be challenging to make sure you are maintaining legal compliance across all locations since midsize fleets often move between several states. Verizon Connect’s tracking hardware and software may assist you in adhering to rules and regulations. Compared to most rivals, Verizon Connect offers more customization. We appreciate that it offers a multitude of training and educational tools, and that you can simply scale plans as your company expands. We also valued Verizon Connect’s ability to provide a range of information and educate users on how to utilise them to maximise fleet efficiency.


One of the biggest companies in the market, Verizon Connect, offers some of the top telematics platforms and solutions.
Plans from Verizon Connect are adaptable and simple to scale.
The customization options offered by Verizon include security settings, process scripts, time zones, languages, and notifications.


  • The Verizon Connect platform can need some initial learning.
    Normally, 36-month contracts are needed.


A robust fleet management solution with a bevy of capabilities is Verizon Connect. The intricacy of it may be a little difficult at first, but if you get the hang of it, it may expedite your fleet management process since it is more flexible than many other fleet monitoring choices. It may take some time for some consumers to get familiar with Verizon Connect due to its extensive feature set. However, live instruction is available if you need it. In addition to onboarding, outcome courses, ELD compliance, integrated video, field work, and nonpowered assets, Verizon Connect also provides training opportunities in these areas.

Once your monitoring system is configured, you can simply use a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone to access the dashboard to analyse and evaluate fleet metrics.


Verizon Connect provides valuable services for fleets of all sizes, and the platform works on desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones. Here are some of the services you can receive with Verizon Connect:

Hardware You have a choice of hardwired and plug-and-play devices.
Customization Verizon Connect is highly flexible and customizable to meet your specific needs.
Geofencing and mapping Verizon Connect offers geofencing and mapping through Google Maps.
Alerts and reporting You can set up standard alerts and view a plethora of data and analytics with reports.
Driver safety and performance You can track drivers with driver scorecards and in-cab fleet dashcams.
Fleet maintenance and optimization You can track fuel cards, optimize fuel usage, schedule vehicle maintenance and receive service alerts.


We like how Verizon Connect offers a variety of hardware solutions, from simple plug-and-play technologies to more sophisticated gadgets. You have the option of installing the hardware yourself (which is normal for plug-and-play gadgets) or having professionals do it (typical for hardwired devices).

For medium fleets with a range of cars and assets, having the freedom to choose the device type you want is excellent. Some users could want to instal plug-and-play devices quickly, while others might not have an OBD II port to put the device into, necessitating the usage of a more secure hardwired device. Some rivals only provide one of these strategies.


Verizon Connect may be customised, which distinguishes it from several rivals. We were pleased by the way customers could tailor a number of features to the platform’s fleet. For fleets that operate throughout a range of states and countries, this flexibility is perfect since you can specify numerous time zones and languages, for instance.

A medium fleet is likely to have a hierarchy of employees, therefore extra security precautions may be necessary. Verizon Connect may assist by providing the special ability of individualised security settings with an infinite number of users.

We found it helpful because word labelling and daily tools like scripts and alarms could be customised. For instance, you could wish to rename the phrase “vehicle” in the system to “crane” so that your staff can understand it better.

Geofencing and Mapping

Like several of the fleet monitoring solutions we evaluated, Verizon Connect supports geofencing. You may add virtual geofences to your map that send out warnings when they are entered or departed. You may get notifications when a car departs the vicinity of your company, which is very helpful for security.

Verizon Connect may also be used to schedule and dispatch drivers, design efficient routes, and watch traffic and data overlays. The majority of the businesses we evaluated use a GPS engine that is supported by Google Maps, which offers a variety of GPS functions. Your cars will be monitored by one of the world’s most dependable communications firms thanks to Connect, which is supported by Verizon’s own mapping tools.

Alerts and Reporting

You have access to a range of notifications and reports with Verizon Connect. You may observe changes in close to real time since the tracking is updated every 30 seconds. Aside from activity, idling, speeding, hard driving, geofences, late starts, sensor activation, towing, and video events, you may also configure alerts for these items. When managing a fleet of cars, the ability to keep an eye on reckless driving, excessive speeding, and other sorts of vehicle behaviour is quite essential. Verizon Connect’s mobile app allows you to set alerts and customise tracking, much like many other tracking systems (Android and iOS).

Verizon Connect can undoubtedly satisfy your need for data and analytics. It provides a range of reports that may be seen as continuous feeds, timelines, or periodical updates. We discovered that these reports provide insightful information that enables fleet managers to make knowledgeable business choices for the whole corporation. In contrast to many of its rivals, Verizon Connect goes above and above and may provide an analytics specialist to assist you through the many reports.

Driver Safety and Performance

You may utilise Verizon Connect’s tracking tools to gather driver data and aggregate it into scorecards for you to better understand how drivers are doing if driver performance and safety are your top priorities. We appreciate how this information may be utilised to reward safe driving behaviours and teach inexperienced drivers. Our favourite safety feature of Verizon Connect is its fleet of in-cab dashcams. We like the degree of visibility they provide, enabling you to see erratic driving behaviours and occurrences. Even while video telematics is growing in popularity in the market, not all rivals currently provide dashcams.

Fleet Maintenance and Optimization

Verizon Connect collects a range of fleet and driver data that may be used to maintain and enhance your fleet’s fuel efficiency. To decrease idle time and fuel expenses, for instance, you may examine idle time and track gasoline cards. We also like the ability to plan maintenance based on time, engine hours, or distance, as well as get service notifications. You may set up your system to update the car status throughout when you service a vehicle. The industry accepts these qualities as standard.


Although Verizon Connect typically charges $40 per car each month, unlike some of its rivals, it doesn’t provide pricing online. You must talk directly with a business representative if you’re interested in learning more about pricing for your particular demands since it provides variable services and prices.

Remember that the business normally demands a 36-month commitment. This indicates that a three-year contract is required for employment with Verizon Connect. Although shorter contracts and perhaps even month-to-month services are available from certain GPS fleet monitoring companies, this is not unusual for the sector. Being a major telematics provider, it is not surprising that Verizon Connect uses longer-term contracts.

Check out our evaluation of GPS Trackit if you’re searching for a monthly billing GPS tracking service.


Because Verizon Connect offers so many features, setting everything up and personalising it to your preferences might take some time. Some users could have a little learning curve, however this difficulty can be mitigated by the platform’s general stability and utility. We like that there are detailed setup instructions with a quick-start checklist. Having access to tools like these may make setting up your fleet management platform much simpler. Hardware installation help is another service provided by Verizon Connect.

Customer Service

For your fleet monitoring account, Verizon Connect offers a dedicated point of contact in addition to live chat, phone, ticketing, and email assistance. This implies that you will have someone at the business’s direct contact information. One unique aspect of Verizon Connect’s service is the individualised assistance. Even if other fleet monitoring services we researched do provide this capability, it’s comforting to know that your firm won’t go overlooked by a corporation the size of Verizon. This point of contact can also assist you with a variety of technical and support problems or refer you in the direction of a professional who can provide a solution.

Online tools including blogs, e-books, case studies, webinars, and glossaries are available via Verizon Connect. Demos of the company’s products and live training are also available.


Verizon Connect may have certain drawbacks, one of which is that it has received negative BBB ratings (BBB). It is not BBB-accredited, and as of 2021, the company’s BBB page displayed roughly 90 complaints and a F rating for it. Although this isn’t always an accurate indicator of the quality of service you’ll get from Verizon Connect, we want to see good reviews for our best options.

Although Verizon Connect provides individualised pricing and plans, it is often more expensive than other GPS fleet monitoring solutions. For medium fleets with the financial resources, this increased price is often not an issue; but, if you need a low-cost fleet management system, have a look at our evaluation of ClearPathGPS.


It might be difficult to choose a GPS fleet monitoring system, so we performed some of the legwork for you. To find the best products available, we devoted hours to studying GPS fleet monitoring systems and assessing their performance. We examined the hardware, the features, the contracts, the usability, the refresh rates, and the customer service. Whenever feasible, we even gained hands-on experience with demonstrations and product videos. We concentrated on characteristics like scalability, customisation, comprehensiveness, optimization, and reporting while looking for the best GPS fleet monitoring system for medium fleets.

What Is GPS Fleet Tracking?

GPS tracking systems are a hardware and software combination that monitor and record a range of fleet information, including location, driver performance and safety, vehicle health and maintenance, and fuel efficiency. Fleet management systems are often used by businesses to improve the performance of their whole fleet and to guarantee the security and safety of its employees, cars, and other assets. The reports produced by GPS fleet monitoring data may aid fleet managers in streamlining their operations and making informed business choices.

Construction, utilities, heavy equipment, agricultural, landscaping, retail, manufacturing, distribution, government, oil and gas, food and beverage, and rental fleets are among the sectors that frequently profit from GPS fleet monitoring systems.

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