What is Kodak Black Net Worth ?

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  • kodak black net worth is  $600,000.
  • Age: 25
  • born: 11 June 1997
  • Gender: Male
  • Size: 1.70 m (5 ft 7 in)
  • United States of America is the country of origin.
  • Rapper with a career


Kodak Black net worth is projected to be $600,000 as of September 2022.Rapper Kodak Black, real name Bill K. Kapri, is from the United States. In addition to his various legal troubles, Black is well-known for his tracks “Zeze,” “Roll in Peace,” “Tunnel Vision,” and “No Flockin.”Early YearsOn June 11th, 1997, Bill K. Kapri, better known as “Kodak Black,” was born in Pompano Beach, Florida. Kodak was reared by a single mother after his father abandoned the household not long after his birth.Kodak and his mother relocated to a community in Golden Acres that was close by and had a large Haitian immigrant population.Kodak was involved with drug dealing and other small-time crimes from a young age. He had a dismal attendance record and showed little interest in learning. He got into several confrontations at school, which frequently resulted in his expulsion.


Kodak Black started his career at the age of 12, when he joined the “Brutal Youngnz” local small-time rap group. Later, he changed to a different band named “The Kolyons.”After releasing his debut mixtape, “Project Baby,” in 2013, Kodak gained a lot of local notoriety and success. He released two additional mixtapes, “Heart of the Projects” and “Institution,” over the course of the next two years.One of Kodak’s key career-defining moments occurred in 2015 when popular rapper Drake danced to one of his tracks, “Skrt.” The volume of “google” searches for his song increased, making him a household name.When Kodak dropped his fourth mixtape, “Lil B.I.G. Pac,” his rapidly expanding fame became apparent. His first album to appear on the Billboard charts was the mixtape, which Atlantic Records put out.The single “Tunnel Vision” by Kodak was released in 2017 and peaked at the top of many American music charts. On the “Billboard Hot 100,” the song debuted at position 27 and peaked at position 6.He released the follow-up to his mixtape “Project Baby” in August. One of the album’s tracks, “Codeine Dreaming,” was a tremendous hit and peaked at number 52 on the Billboard Hot 100 list.Another mixtape, titled “Heartbreak Kodak,” was released by Kodak on Valentine’s Day 2018 and was a huge hit.Kodak Black’s net worth was $600,000 as of September 2022.


Here are a few of Kodak Black’s greatest achievements:

  • Skrt (Song, 2016)
  • The Tunnel Vision (Song, 2017)
  • 2017 MTV Video Music Best New Artist Nominee
  • ZEZE (Song, 2018) (Song, 2018)

favorite Kodak Black quotations

  • “I am a byproduct of my surroundings. I was born and raised in the projects. Since they are all project babies, they can all connect to what I’m saying. We have a similar makeup, do you get it? We are both going through the same struggles and crap. Thus, people will perceive me. And everyone else simply likes what I’m saying and my motivation. ” — Kodak Black
  • But I believe I have enough life experience to get by. Even though I obviously don’t know everything, I believe I have enough knowledge to get by.
  • “I simply want to keep being lucky. Move up to something greater. Someone larger. Someone better,” said Kodak Black.
  • “I am really motivated. I had nothing at birth. I was therefore raised to constantly go for it. Whatever the case, even if it’s just snooping around. rapping as well as trapping. I did it, you know. I changed up my entire routine from doing that, from scoping and prodding, to simply sitting down in a booth and doing what I do. — Kodak Black
  • “I’ll simply be doing what I do. I don’t listen to any rappers, but I will listen to a decent music. Kodak Black, though, said, “I don’t really look up to anyone.

Three Valuable Lessons from Kodak

Let’s look at some of the most important lessons we can draw from Kodak Black now that you are fully aware of his net worth and the path to success:

1. Conquer All Challenges

You know, you have to fight against all the odds? Boss up in your life.

2. Never risk your life.

Alter your life right now. Don’t take a chance on the future; take immediate action.

3. Alter Your Negative Attitude

Change your thinking, and the world will change with you.

Questions and Answers

What is the value of Kodak Black?

The estimated net worth of Kodak Black is $600,000.

Kodak Black is how old?

Kodak Black, who turned 25 years old on June 11, 1997, was born.

Kodak Black is how tall?

Kodak Black is 5 feet 7 inches tall, or 1.70 metres.


Rapper Kodak Black is recognised for his hits “Roll in Peace,” “Tunnel Vision,” and “No Flockin.” Black is still relatively young but has already achieved great success.His self-titled first album peaked at number three on the Billboard 200 list.Kodak Black’s net worth is estimated to be $600,000 as of September 2022.

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